2016 Reading, By the Numbers

Get ready for a slew of year end posts! Tis the season, I suppose. First up are some stats on this year's reading:

2016 books read: 51 
(for comparison purposes: 2015: 52, 2014: 40, 2013: 62)

Male authors: 25
Female authors: 25
Compilations: 1

Fiction: 39
Nonfiction: 12
Memoirs/autobiographies/biographies: 7

Classics: 7

Novels set primarily abroad: 13

Books taught: 7

Books for book club: 4

Graphic novels: 1

Audiobooks listened to: 11

Books Purchased: 41(ish)

Books that would earn 2 stars or less: 3

Thoughts on the Matter

I am a tiny bit disappointed that I read just one little book less than last year, but considering how busy I was at work and at home the fact that I still managed to finish an average of 4.25 books a month is probably something be a little proud of. I would like to read more books set internationally next year, as well as nonfiction texts. As a whole, though, I am pleased with the scope of my reading and the fact that out of 51 books I only was really unhappy with 3 of them. 


  1. Looks like a great reading year! I should sift through my mile long list of everything I read (including kids books) to see how many full length I actually got to -- these by the numbers posts always get me curious about my own stats!

  2. Only 3 books that you didn't care for is awesome! Hope 2017 is a great year. Happy New Year!!