February, Plus January, Revisited

February, huh? Not so sure how I feel about that... Not that it matters. Not that universe is going to say, "Oh, Christine thinks things are moving too fast? We MUST slow down for her." If only that was the case- if so, I'd have some additional requests. Anyway, for those that are new or are just wondering why I do this every month it's for personal accountability. Plus, I know there might possibly be some nosey folks out there (or ones that like to see how much I end up sucking, haha) and we MUST PLEASE THE PEOPLE.

January's Goals:

1. Stay off the scale: No I was SO good about this until January 26th. This was the longest I have ever gone since I was probably about eleven not weighing myself at least three or four times a week, so while I still didn't officially accomplish this task, I still am proud. I was able to drop a few pounds to start off the year, so that made "failing" a little easier (the Christmas peanut butter balls are gone and more running!).

2. Book mini-vacations: Yes! I booked a hotel at The Cosmopolitan for a night with my mom later this month in Vegas and then three nights at The Tenaya Lodge (my favorite) in Yosemite over spring break for Sawyer and I (my husband has to work, so it's just me and the little guy). I am SO excited for both! We might head back to Vegas for a wedding in April, but I think for that trip we will stay at my in-laws' home, so no booking required.

3. House things: Yup! I have continued working on organizing some things in small chunks, added another print to our floating shelves gallery, and have started looking at rugs. I also had a second opinion out for our HVAC issues.


1. Be 10k ready- I am running a 10k the first weekend in March and should be ready to go. I ran almost four miles straight at a good-for-me pace last weekend, so I think I'm headed in the right direction.

2. Friendly thoughtfulness- There is SO much negativity in my life right now, much of it due to what is happening in the world. I am so thankful to run in circles full of people with similar beliefs, but we're all mad as hell right now and it can be a little damaging to the psyche. So, I want to take some time to send some Valentine's Day cards or little gifts or whatever to friends. 

3. 50 blog comments- This is my biggest area of weakness as a blogger, and I always feels so guilty. You guys write great stuff but because I read posts in blogger while I'm like walking from my classroom to the copy room I don't always respond. I'm trying to be better. 

4. Catch up on grading by break- I am actually in the best grading position I've been in since Sawyer was born, so I want to make sure to hold on to that so I can spend my February break relaxing (yes, that's a thing in our district; our attendance was down so severely between the two Monday holidays that they took a week of our summer and inserted in the middle of this month). A class set of essays would be permissible, but nothing more.   

5. Picture-related tasks- Back up phone, back up computer, do January in my year-in-review book, swap out some of the framed pictures around the house. That's actually four things in one, so advanced back-patting for hopefully doing them all. 

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  1. I need to print a couple pictures for frames I bought in December. I keep forgetting. lol I should try and remember to do that this week. I think it is more I have to decide what pictures to use and then print them. I am just being lazy.