Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[good job, Christine, now shut up about the damn cake]

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1. I actually watched two movies this weekend- a miracle! We took Sawyer to see LEGO Batman in the theater (fun) and then Scott and I watched The Edge of Seventeen (so great- I kept comparing myself to the teacher... at least in some ways) at home. I've met my quota for the month.

2. Cake update (because I am sure you're all dying to know)! I made the Milk Bar Birthday Cake and followed the recipe to the letter and it turned out perfectly (ifIdosaysomyself). The baking part was easy enough, but the assembly got a little tricky with the acetate sheets. Once I figured out how to make a sort of column of plastic it went really well. 

3. I'm reading Ready Player One so that I can give it an honest recommendation to my students and I can definitely say that I am not the target demographic. I am starting to get into it, though! You can't help but to root for Wade. 

4. I realized something recently: I have to give myself my own pep talks. Everyone in my life is so used to me being "fine, good, ready for the weekend!" or has their own issues. The problem with self-sufficiency? You get used to not asking for help and the people around you get used to not helping. Anyway, I had some coffee and said "self, get it together" and was better. Just a super fun observation. 

5. Hey! I am going to Vegas this weekend! FINALLY! I am taking my mom to see Cher and we're staying at the fancy Cosmopolitan for the night and having dinner at Caesar's, so I think it will be super fun.

6. I've been suffering from some hip pain after sitting for stretches of time that exceed twenty or so minutes for years, but lately it's gotten worse (probably because of the running). I stretch it out daily, but no dice. I want to go to the doctor, but I am guessing the resulting treatment will be time with a physical therapist, which I literally cannot work into my schedule (I have to pick my son up right after work and there is no way I can take a toddler to PT). It's frustrating and I'll just continue to hobble around and complain (and maybe figure out foam rolling-?). 

7. Last weekend the three of us went up to UCLA for a women's basketball game (only $8 a ticket!?!) and then wandered around the UCLA/Westwood area for a little bit. Because of the holiday weekend we lucked out with ZERO traffic- we made it through 132 miles round trip of So Cal freeways without getting stuck at all. A miracle.


  1. Hi there. I participated in your meme. It's so much fun! I talked about doing agility with your dog. Check it out if you will. Have a great almost weekend.

  2. I wasn't going to read Ready Player One, but then my book club picked it. I'm not the target either, but I enjoyed it more than I expected. I've heard the audio is really great too.

  3. I loaded this up and hubby saw the cake and was like 'I want one'. lol

  4. That cake looks amazing. Have fun in Vegas!

  5. That cake looks yummy! And Vegas is always a fun place...enjoy!

    So sorry about the hip pain...I have chronic back issues, and sometimes PT helps...but it is time-consuming.

    Enjoy the rest of the week....

  6. That cake looks so yummy! :)

    Sorry to hear about the hip pain, hope you feel better from it soon!

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