Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I am not naturally patient person, so the fact that basically every arena of my life right now is requiring some degree of patience is incredibly exhausting. When I go to bed there is literally nothing left in me to give.  (Clearly, I thought we'd start off with a dramatic note today). 

2. The Naan bread-mashed avocado-fried-egg-S&P combo is back! I could eat that and scrambled egg sandwiches (with only American cheese on top) every day. 

3. I finally finished S-Town and I wish someone would right a comprehensive biography on John. I think I ended up liking it better than Serial, although Sarah will always be my favorite.

3. Pete Souza, Obama's photographer is coming out with a coffee table book in the fall of my favorite POTUS's time in office. I can't wait.

4. My students are reading Antigone in class right now and I'm so pleased with how well they are doing reading it together, in groups. I actually here them stopping to ask each other questions and to clarify relationships and it makes my English-teacher heart SO happy.

5. I get to see Elizabeth Warren speak this weekend in LA with a friend and I can't wait. I am of course a fan, but I also am looking forward to some adult time, since my weekends have been very kid-heavy lately (not that I am complaining, necessarily, but I need a few hours right now... see #1). 

6. I'm off to watch the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale. Finger's crossed... 


  1. ETA- *write (blogger will screw up the link widget if I edit, but I couldn't let this one by! Oops)- Christine

  2. Enjoy hearing Elizabeth Warren, and I'm eager for that coffee table book, too!

  3. Bangarang is exactly the kind of high-energy electronica I need to suffer through my weekly run

  4. I've been enjoying Machine by Misterwives.

    Re #1: I probably mentally suffer the most when I do not have my shit together. And right now I don't, long work days, daycare issues, insane sports schedules, and so on. So by about 6pm each day, I am out of patience and just done. And I sit there and wonder how I am going to make it until 8:30pm. Yet I do. It's both dramatic and not at the same time. I'd roll my eyes at myself if I could.