Yosemite 2017

Last weekend Sawyer and I drove to Yosemite when my minimum day was done on Friday and stayed in the Sierras for three nights. My husband's work schedule didn't coincide with this trip, so it was just me and my little buddy! Traveling alone with an almost-three-year-old didn't sound like the easiest thing in my book, but I refused to sit home over spring break. Luckily, my child proved me wrong- our trip went incredibly smoothly. The drive up took over seven hours, since we hit a bit of traffic heading out of LA, but he did great (despite not napping). I had really, really hoped to make it up before dark, since the last thirty minutes are on pitch-black roads that are very windy, with steep drop offs. Alas, we headed up the mountain pretty late, but we made it safe and sound. We stayed at The Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp, which was the third time for me. I cannot say enough positive things about this place- it's great for families, couples, friends, or even solo travelers. There are four on-site restaurants, a coffee shop, a small store, and a great concierge desk.

[Tunnel View]

[Hello, Half Dome... will I hike you in July?]

[the rivers were full and fast]

Saturday we met my mom, her boyfriend, and my sister in the actual park and spent the day looking at waterfalls and hiking (over 20,000 steps by the end of the day!). The falls are absolutely beautiful, considering Yosemite received over 200% the usual snowfalls this year. There was actually some snow on the ground near Yosemite Falls, so Sawyer was able to experience snow for the first time. The drive back the hotel was about an hour, which is really not a big deal since the scenery is beautiful and the incredibly windy roads take about every ounce of concentration. 

[Yosemite Falls]

[Tenaya Lodge]

Sunday we were on our own and I wanted to head back to the park since we had missed a few things the day before. We spent a few hours there and then headed south to Bass Lake. My great-grandparents had a house there and we visited several times growing up, so I have some fond memories of the place (weird fact: my dad's ashes are spread in the lake... #awkward). We found a delicious hole-in-the-wall Mexican place to eat at and just spent some time walking around the lake. Sawyer would have been content doing this for hours- there were tree trunks to climb on, sticks to throw, and rocks to pick up. 

[Swinging Bridge area]

[Bass Lake]

[Near Bridalveil Falls]

[Bridalveil Falls]

That night we ate at the pizza place at the hotel walked around the grounds, and then sat by the fire for awhile. I think we were both a little sad to go back home the next day (Sawyer keeps asking to go "back... Yosemite... night night Yosemite?").


  1. Aww, I LOVE that you did this trip with Sawyer. Good for you! And glad you guys had such a great time. Makes me want to go on a weekend trip with Sully now!