Summer, Plus May, Revisited

For those new around here, every month I establish a few goals (some reading-related, some not) and look back at those from the previous month.

A quick look at May and how I did:

1. Finish my current cross stitch project: Nope I didn't finish the one I was talking about, but I did do one for my mother-in-law.

2. End (the school year) strong and with minimal stress: Yes This is definitely relative, since I was still very over-extended. BUT, I was far less stressed than past years, which I'll talk about in a post soon, for any fellow teachers out there.

3. Plan day-trip to San Francisco: No.... but we're not going. We are still going up to Modesto to visit my mom, but we're going to head the opposite direction to a lake and hike instead. 

4. Go to a new restaurant: Yup Two, actually.

5. Be okay with hard things: Nope

I've decided to combine the next two months, my summer break, basically. And instead of just a flat list, I've broken up my intentions into categories. I definitely see summer as a gift, despite the fact that I work for it and don't get paid for those days, and I have no intention on wasting it!

Be Creative
- cook new recipes
- cross stitch
- work on my writing projects
- think about new ways to teach next year's books 
- get caught up on my 2017 family picture book 

Read in Excess
- blog so much more
- read for pleasure (50 pages a day is my goal) 
- work-related reading 

- read more non-fiction
- watch TED Talks
- squeeze in a few documentaries 
- help Sawyer count to ten, solidify basic colors, and be 100% potty trained (we're at 90% now!)
- consider applying to be an IB exam scorer (and do the online training now if they'll have me!)

- our spare bedroom
- my workout/junk room
- my computer
- my photos
- the craft/art supply cupboard 

- my mind
- my eyelids

- day excursions with Sawyer 
- get out and see friends nearly once a week
- simple fun activities at home

- run
- walk/hike
- light weights
- yoga 
- hip exercises (depending on diagnosis) 


  1. Enjoy your summer! I'm a fan of the "read in excess" category :)

  2. I hope you have a lovely summer - restful but full of fun also. Good luck with your goals!