Things I Refuse to Apologize For

Things I Refuse to Apologize For:

1. Drinking too much Diet Coke (it's not like I'm smoking crack).

2. Crying. I literally can't help it when it happens, so what am I suppose to do? And it's not like it happens at work or in front of my son (fine maybe once or twice), so good enough.

3. Being a slow runner. I will never be fast and that's okay.

4. For owning many, many not-so-cheap dresses.

5. Loving food found at such places as gas stations, amusement parks, and baseball stadiums. Sure, a quinoa and tabouleh salad is my jam sometimes, but lets be honest- I love me some Hostess Cupcakes, garlic fries, and fountain drinks.

6. Needing to be alone for at least fifteen minutes a day. Preferably an hour.

7. Making excessive amounts of lists. Lists about lists, even.

8. Being agnostic. Flirting with atheism. Being religiously unsure. Having massive questions that I am not okay with being unanswered.

9. Having occasional, generally fleeting, moments in which I am paralyzed in fear that something horrible will happen to my child. That is pretty much my worst nightmare.

10.  Rolling my eyes. It just happens. I cannot control it. Let's just call it an endearing quirk. Or not. I don't care. 

11. Holding Sawyer's hand at night through his crib slats until he gets sleepy, in which I then tell him I have to pee, whether I want to or not, so I can leave the room, justifiably.

12. Partially measuring my worth by how productive I am.

13. That you might have to lint roll after leaving my home. I vacuum several times a week, but my dogs shed excessively. This is their home. 

14. Loving fresh flowers. I know that there are a lot of people who like to say that they're a waste of money because they just die, but, honestly, a $3.99 bouquet from Trader Joe's makes me really happy and makes my living room cheerful.

15. Posting what I post on social media and my blog. People get so upset and annoyed about the words and pictures of others- if you don't like it, unfollow, or, begin a respectful dialogue. It's so much mature than just judging (I have stopped "hate reading" blogs this year- who has time for that?). 

16. Being super competitive (re: Fitbit competitions).

17. Buying books, for me or Sawyer. Neither the time nor money or ever a waste. 

18. Telling my son no. Telling my husband no. Telling my students no. Telling family no. Telling those emails that try to rope you into doing things after hours no (well, unless they come from the big boss). 

19. Being annoyed when people I know don't acknowledge the fact that I didn't change my name when I got married. I am not Mrs. Husband's First Name Last Name. I am not Christine my name-his name. Just the same as before. Thanks. 

20. Loving sweatpants so very dearly. Yoga pants are great, but when it's cold and you're not leaving the house? A pair of thick men's sweatpants are impossible to beat. 

21. Just really, really loving commas. I mean, sometimes you just, you know, need to add some pauses, or you feel like some separation is necessary. 

And a Few Things I Do Feel Bad About...

1. Being horrible at blogging comments, both on other people's blogs and replying to those on my own.

2. Mindless afternoon snacking.

3. Worrying about future events that I realistically know will be okay.

4. Not spending enough time with my husband.

5. Sometimes not saying what I really mean, whether good or bad. 


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now (a few years?!), but I'm not sure I've ever commented. "Hate reading" is such a guilty pleasure for me, but I know it's a time suck...There are so many more fulfilling things I could do with my time, but often it's a good mental break. Did you just go cold turkey?

    1. Does this mean you're going to quit my blog? ;) Just kidding. I did go cold turkey and it was really easy because I use bloglovin' as my reader and I just went through and unchecked all the ones that I felt I was "hate reading" or that had obviously quit writing, just to clean things up. Thanks for reading! And commenting

    2. Thanks, maybe I just need to cut the cord. And no, your blog is one of the few that I don't just skip over in Feedly! You've helped me read books that I wouldn't have picked myself (or even known about!).

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  3. You definitely don't need to apologize for any of these things.

  4. I am really bad about replying to comments on my own blog. I meant to do better on that this year. I still haven't actually followed through. lol

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh #19 - I have the same problem....a family member who KNOWS I did not change my name will send mail with my husband's last, that's not me. Thank.You.Very.Much.

  6. I love bad food (like you listed), just as much as a good salad, too. And fountain pop (regular coke for me) is THE BEST.

    I'm a huge eye roller too. I do it without even realizing I'm doing it a lot of the time. I had a close friend call me out on it once when she was telling me and some other girlfriends about her new boyfriend (I rolled my eyes - there was always someone new!!), and now I'm a bit more mindful of it in sensitive situations, lol.