Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Thanks to those who alerted me about the photobucket issue- I think/hope it's resolved for good now!

2. This month, July, is probably the only month I will not have substantial childcare costs until Sawyer is in first grade. Three years down, three years to go... Because he is in between places this summer I lucked out, but tuition goes up next month for preschool and we are back at it. How people can have more than two kids in daycare/preschool at one time is beyond me!

3. The last two nights I have gotten almost seven hours of sleep and I feel so much better about life. Combined with ample caffeination, I am READY TO GO. 

4. I am so thankful for having several other moms that I can use as resources when I am curious/concerned/frustrated about a kid thing! It's come up lately and it's great to know who you can ask what questions, depending on where they're at and where they've been. 

5. I am rereading Fahrenheit 451 for the fourth time right now, so that I can advise a student, and while it's an awesome book, I prefer not to have to reread things. Considering my current backlog, I have more than enough unread books to focus on.

6. I just finished listening to The Nest and while most of the book was fine, I thought the ending was so rushed and so contrived. If I was to rate it (I don't add audiobooks to Goodreads) it would have been downgraded a star then and there. I just started listening to Fredrik Backman's Beartown and so far it's a good listen. I read A Man Called Ove, and enjoyed it, but I think that his books are simple enough fiction for me to listen to while  driving around (I typically don't listen to fiction because the books I tend to read don't permit daydreaming or navigating around unfamiliar areas... you can fill in the gaps with Backman).

7. I think I want these popsicle molds. I hate regular ones, but it would be nice to make some healthy ones for Sawyer (read: yogurt and spinach, haha). 

8. Tomorrow I am going to do P90X yoga with my husband, since he's back on that plan. I can't wait. I'm going to win. 


  1. I noticed the Photobucket issue on my blog the other many links to photos and gifs to check and whatnot, I don't know if I should even bother (they're super old posts anyhow) xD

    Agreed re: the ending of The Nest, I was like "Oh. O-kay..." at the end. I couldn't put Beartown down though, glad to hear you're enjoying it so far! :)

  2. Love the last two lines of this post, I genuinely chuckled out loud! And love all your posts in general, I'm a long time reader but also horrible at commenting:). Keep em coming!

  3. #2. Tell me about it. People ask me why my kids are so far apart in age (6.5 years)... obviously I can not handle more than one little at a time.

    #7. Those look interesting. I have some cool "jelly bean" ones that have a little straw on the end (so they can drink the juices as they melt) and they like them. I have no idea how well that would work with yogurt ones. (We just use crystal light.)

  4. The Photobucket issue seemed to come out of nowhere...did it mostly affect those with Blogger sites? I know I haven't used Photobucket for years, but I used them a little bit back when I had my blogs on Blogger.

    Yeah, the end of The Nest was not what I had hoped for, although I enjoyed the book.

  5. #2, I have three kids in daycare right now (because school is out). By the time school starts in August, I will have paid $1200 to work for these three months (meaning the entirety of three months salary PLUS an additional $1200). I'm nearly sobbing, obviously.

  6. A Man Called Ove was really excellent on audio. I hope Beartown is as well!