Christmas Book Reading Tradition

I know this isn't anything terribly unique, but since Sawyer's first Christmas we have been reading a Christmas story every night starting on December 1st and for the fourth year in a row (how is this his fourth Christmas???) we're keeping the tradition going. I have probably 30-35 Christmas books that we've acquired over the past few years, plus ones I had from when I taught elementary school, so we definitely have some variety. Besides reading one per evening, he also takes the red tub full of them into the living room to read them alone and in the morning for the car ride to school as well. 

Here are some of this year's favorites so that you can add them to your wish list for 2018!

Sawyer's definite favorite this year as been the Curious George one, but he also took a liking to the Grinch after we watched it the other night. Santa's Stuck has great repetitive phrasing that a three-year-old can participate in and Who Will Help Santa This Year provides a ton of great different options to assist Santa, including dragons, wizards, and even leprechauns. Olive, the Other Reindeer has a great message and A Pirate's Night Before Christmas has fantastic illustrations and is super fun. 

I always save The Night Before Christmas for Christmas Eve, which I can't believe is only two days away! The older you get (and busier) the more the holidays fly by. Wasn't it just Halloween?

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  1. We read lots of Christmas books in December too. With a 2 year old, we tend to get stuck with a few favorites on repeat -- which is OK! -- but I do look forward to potentially some more variety in future years. Some of the ones on our shelves I really want to read, he's not so into yet.