Women's March, Los Angeles

[the girl's HP sign behind me was pretty great]

A few weeks in the copy room at school I saw the flyer for the Women's March in LA and the reminder quickly set a plan in motion. I texted a friend, we made childcare arrangements (aka making sure our husbands were free), researched the train schedule, and just like that we found ourselves marching with 600,000 others through the streets of Los Angeles yesterday. Everything went perfectly- they added extra trains, there was plenty of personnel to assist, the weather was beautiful, and everything stayed peaceful and positive. After the end of the march we found ourselves in front of City Hall listening to speeches from Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, and various other local activists. There was also widespread support for the Dreamers and a clean DACA, which wasn't surprising but was still awesome. It was a really important, fun, event to be a part of and I am definitely going to try to go back next year! Here are some pictures from the day: 

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