Reorganized Bookshelves

[reorganized fiction shelves]

Two months ago I made the trek to Ikea for a few new Billy bookshelves for our dining room, since our regular shelves were overflowing (I was just stacking new books on the tops of books in the general area where they should be). I was super on-top of the assembly part, but not so much the reorganizing part. This was partially intentional, though, since I knew Christmas would bring even more books and I wanted to wait until I knew what I was working with. 

Last weekend I finally got my stuff together and completely overhauled everything (this doesn't include my husband's huge collection of graphic novels, which he keeps somewhere else). I have plenty of room now, so I was able to do some fun stacking arrangements and include framed pictures. I am definitely pleased with the outcome, but always lurking in my mind is "what happens when I run out of room the next time?" Luckily we have one child, a good-sized house, and plenty of wall space. But still. It's not like I'm ever going to quit buying books. 

[new ikea shelves in dining room]

[new shelves filled with non-fiction]
[another view of the fiction in our great room]

[the rest of the fiction]

[some space for some special artwork]

[I stacked some of the authors we had lots of books by]


  1. I am so jealous of you having the wall space to have bookcases like that! Our house is just not set up that way. I keep saying we should move so I can have my dream book wall. lol

  2. They look great! I am currently doubled up on most of my shelves and it's super unorganized... if only I could figure out a good place for a few more shelves :)

  3. Nice!! They look so good. One of my big goals for this year is to change the way I organize and store my books, because they're all over the place currently. This post is super inspiring to just get the job done! :)

  4. These look amazing! Something to aspire to!