Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Is it like totally lazy and ridiculous to really, really want to pay someone to come redo the shelving paper in my pantry and cupboards. I've never done it before but it seems incredibly annoying.

2. Monday when I got to work I noticed that Sawyer had put several of his coloring pages from the weekend in my bag for me to put up in my classroom. He has come a few times lately on Friday nights while I get some things done and he was really, really proud that his art was on my walls. 

3. Passive aggressive rant warning: I hate it when people take credit on social media for doing something (like buy a house, car, pay off student loans, etc...) when I know damn well that their parents helped them. It shouldn't bother me, but as someone who as paved her own way, proudly and with so much exhaustion and stress, it does. 

4. If you have kiddos, or know kiddos, the Dan Santat books are so good. We just read After the Fall and The Adventures of Beekle the Unimaginary Friend at dinner and I was reminded how great the stories and illustrations are.

5. I just finished listening to How to Party with and Infant by Kaui Hart Hemmings and was pretty underwhelmed. I just downloaded The Recovering by Leslie Jamison, though, and I have pretty high hopes considering all of the buzz (no pun intended).

6. I have been working on making things more manageable in my life, and this week already feels better. I have been running 25 minutes a day, instead of longer chunks on just a few days. I try to do one chore a day to make the weekends easier. I grade a few papers whenever I have spare time, since a little is always better than nothing. I just constantly have to remind myself that forward movement is better than stagnancy and that as long as I'm making progress in whatever the area is things are better than before. 

7. I have many, many thoughts on the Junot Diaz scandal that I will hopefully get out on here tomorrow. 

8. I watched the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale last week and it was really, really good. It's obviously completely strayed from the book, but I still hear Atwood's voice and feel like her vision is being respected. 


  1. I would pay people to go grocery shopping and vacuum if I could afford it. Had not heard of the Junot Diaz scandal. Just looked it up. Not a good year for men, is it?

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  2. Oh, I would love to pay people to do any boring or annoying task...and maybe I will someday.

    I love how Elisabeth Moss's expressive face conveys so many of her feelings toward her "captors," and she doesn't have to say a word. Because saying the words would definitely result in punishment.


  3. As someone who recently did just that job, lining my cupboard shelves, I can tell you it is a pain in the butt... So, good luck :-P

    It sounds like you're finding balance & consistency with life, which is great, and as you say, more manageable I imagine. I hope that continues for you.