Box-o-Books 2019

For the past few years I bribe myself to get through the end of the school year craziness with a box of books. This year I saved some Amazon gift cards and also grabbed some desk copies that I might consider using in my classroom one day from a publishing company. All of these books cost me less than $25 out of pocket- not too shabby. 

A lot of these have been on my wish list for several months and I was being good and saving them for the occasion, so I'm proud of my self-control. I've actually bought only six books for myself so far this year, which is goddamn miracle, if I do say so myself. I'm trying to get my TBR pile down to 80 books by the end of the year, although this new stack of reads doesn't really help that situation.

I definitely don't plan to read all of them this summer, since I have some other books I've been waiting for summer to read. I know I will definitely get to Norwegian Wood soon, since we might try to teach it for our IB curriculum. I just started 26 Marathons by runner Meb Keflezighi, since I always find these sorts of books inspiring, exercise-wise. The Farm has gotten a ton of buzz lately, so I'll probably get through that as well. After that? Who knows. Whatever I'm in the mood for. 

Have you read any? What are you reading this summer? 

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  1. I love this idea so much!!!!! In addition to the gift cards, do you set a dollar limit? Or how do you know when to stop adding books to the box? LOL

    I always think about doing this for myself at Christmas. Gift myself $50 worth of books and then go through my Goodreads TBR shelf, find ones from Amazon that are $5 or less (including shipping) and then buy as many as I can get for $50. But for some reason I've never been able to talk myself into doing it. Maybe this year!!!