Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I am currently finishing up my first Haruki Murakami book, Norwegian Wood, and am totally loving it. The only other Murakami I have read was his memoir on running, which I liked, but this is of course much difference. Have you read any of his? What one should I read next?

My son is extremely chatty, which is normally just fine, since I love to hear what he has to say, but I absolutely loathe it when I am trying to run on the treadmill and he keeps interrupting me. The other day I gave him three cards and said that he could "spend" each of them to tell me something, but when he was out I was going to ignore him until I was finished (unless it was an emergency, of course). He used the first three in twelve minute and I ignored him for the remaining twenty. I'm curious to see if he ever becomes more strategic with them. 

I had really wanted to start a summer book club with some of my teacher-friends but I completely dropped the ball and, weirdly, lost motivation. If you're reading this and I initially contacted you I'm sorry. I suck. I still might? Maybe the end of July? I'll decide asap.

Someone suggested that I listen to Judah and the Lion since I love The Strumbellas so much, and I am totally into their album Folk Hop N'Roll right now. It's so much fun. 

I just finished listening to The Habitat podcast and I really loved it. The eight (or something like that) episode series follows a group of people locked in a habitat in Hawaii for a year, meant to simulate what will happen to astronauts if we ever send any to Mars. It looked at their daily routines, their interactions, challenges, and what happened to them after the experiment. It was fascinating, and the host, Lynn Levy, was delightful. 

As this posts, Sawyer and I should be headed up the coast for our little trip. We're planning to go to Hearst's Castle, Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and the Big Basin Redwoods State Park. I'm so excited! 

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