Andrew Sean Greer and Sloane Crosley Event at UCLA

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary ticket from CAP UCLA to hear writers Andrew Sean Greer and Sloan Crosley. I read Greer’s Pulitzer winning Less for book club earlier in the year and really enjoyed it, and while I have never read any of Crosley’s work it’s been on my wish list for awhile. I went to another one of these Sunday evening events at UCLA a few weeks ago and really loved the ease of it all; traffic is super light both ways, I get to visit my alma mater, and the venues are beautiful. This time I made it faster than I expected, so I was able to walk into Westwood to relive my glory days.

Greer and Crosley had never met, but their chemistry was immediate and delightful. I’ve been to readings where the moderator and author seemed to borderline hate each other, but this was the complete opposite- I could picture them heading out to dinner afterwards in a non-obligatory sort of way. Both are hilarious in their own right, poking fun at themselves, writing in general, society, and their characters. Their humility seemed incredibly genuine, both so thankful for their success.

I think the best story of the night was when Greer relayed the episode in which he found out he had won the Pulitzer. He had been working at some sort of writer’s retreat of some sort, reporting to a Contessa (I may me botching his position, but you get the gist). Margaret Atwood was due at the villa for dinner and Greer was in charge of getting a pair on dog-underwear on the pug with suspenders, which was apparently very difficult (as one would imagine). When he finally checked his phone he saw a number of missed texts and calls, so he was quite confused. He saw one from Michael Chabon, who was congratulating him, so he called him for clarification. What a way to learn about your Pulitzer! From Chabon (who I have also seen speak and is absolutely amazing).

I cannot wait to read more from both of these authors. Both are extremely talented at their craft and it was an absolute pleasure to hear them share their ideas and insights.

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