Teacher Tuesday- Getting Out of the House

Morning routines- I love them, I hate them. Teachers tend to start work quite early, since we're contractually done with the day mid-afternoon. Add in a kid to drop off? Even earlier. I wake up around 5:35 every day, am out the door by 6:40, and finally arrive, after dropping my son off, at work around 7:30. I hate getting up so early, so I have really worked hard to make my mornings as efficient as possible, and now that my son is five and I've been doing this for eons I think I finally have it down. Here's what has helped me:

Prep the night before- I do everything possible the night before. I usually work out after work, which means I shower in the evening, which helps a ton. I get my coffee ready to brew, lay out my clothes and Sawyer's, have everything that needs to go in the car ready by the table, and get as much of my lunch ready while cleaning up dinner.

I started setting my alarm two minutes earlier- Yup, two measly minutes. I began doing this a month or two ago and it makes me feel less a little rushed when I get myself ready, before Sawyer gets up at 6:08 (yup, his wake up was moved up two minutes earlier too).

Train the child- When Sawyer started kindergarten this year he was "gifted" an alarm clock and a strict new morning routine. When his alarm sounds he turns it off, makes his bed, and brings his clothes downstairs to change. I get him breakfast, he takes over his dishes, knows to put on his own shoes, etc... and then I just help him with his hair and teeth.

No social media until makeup/hair is done- Social media is basically the bane of efficiency. 

Earlier bedtime- I try to be asleep by 10:30 every night, since I am a really light sleeper and wake up many times a night (I lose about 45 minutes of sleep a night, according to my Fitbit). I attempt to be in bed by 10, but by the time my brain turns off it can be awhile. Logically, the better I sleep the easier the mornings are.

Check traffic before leaving- I live in Southern California and have to take two freeways to get to Sawyer's school and mine; there's no telling what's going on between traffic and construction. There are alternate routes, so if I have a plan before leaving I'm happier.

Nothing earth-shaking or incredibly innovative, but I can definitely say that all of these little things have made this school year's morning the easiest since having a kid! 


  1. Hahahahahaha! "...and finally arrive after dropping my son off at work...and now that my son is five..."

    What kind of work does 5-yo Sawyer do? Hee hee haaa haaaa.

    But yah, no. I love this whole routine and I love, love, love that little Sawyer has his little schedule of things to do. I wish I had a video of him shutting off his alarm and leaping out of bed and working his way through his routine. It sounds so very cute.

    1. Added some commas... given the long days and kid underfoot, I often don't have much time for editing. Thanks!