Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

A Monday off, an assessment day with a sub... oh hey, it's Thursday not Wednesday. What can you do?

So, let's address the elephant in the room: American Dirt. I guess it's not really an elephant, that thing is nothing but hush hush. My gut tells me that it's a problem- when people who have lived that life and know the culture better than I are saying it's a problem, I take their concerns seriously. I do want to make the choice on my own, though, so I ordered it and will read it when I'm done with White Teeth. I must say that the barbed wire at the release party was tacky tacky tacky.

I finished my last weeknight five miler of this half marathon training cycle, and while I should be happy, I have ten miles on my plate Saturday before tapering next week. I always get super nervous at topping out at ten, so I may try to squeak in an extra mile or two, just for peace of mind. My body is clearly over running so much, as it has launched a massive contact dermatitis attack against my Fitbit. It also did this with my wedding ring after I had Sawyer and I showed it who's boss (ME, I'm the boss), so I'll just rash it into submission. Or to the doctor's for steroid cream. Anyway. Moving on. 

It's basically a miracle: we're finishing The Mandalorian tonight, after starting a month ago. I never finish shows this fast, but I can't get enough of Baby Yoda (shhhhh that's what I'm calling him forever, okay?).

My son is learning about MLK this week, so they're doing lots of positive messaging. He asked me in the car today is it true that if you "think good thoughts good things will happen and if you think bad thoughts bad things will happen"? UGH. NO. I nicely told him that's not exactly how the world works but thinking positively is always good. Please. After the leak in our ceiling our sprinklers have crapped out- clearly that's not how it works. 

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