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I had a week off in February, so I watched much more than normal (basically this means maybe an average of five hours a week instead of two or three, haha) and feel like I listened to more podcasts and audiobooks as well, since I spent a lot of time in the car. I was going to include them in my normal Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts on Wednesday, but decided to do a stand-alone post, since my list was sort of hijacked by this content. Here are some recs!


Tommy Danger: Mistakes Were Made- My husband and I watched this Disney+ show with Sawyer and I think I may have enjoyed it the most. It’s about a kid who has a pretend detective agency and an imaginary polar bear friend, both of which help him navigate challenges he has at home and school. It’s a graphic novel series for kids, so I think I’ll get it for Sawyer eventually.

Zombieland Double Tap- I thought this one was just as hilarious and ridiculous at the first one. I always love Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone, so the fact that they’re both in this is great.

Miss Americana- As a fan of her music, I really enjoyed this Taylor Swift documentary. I watched it while running, which was totally perfect, since there’s so much singing and dancing in it. And when there’s not, I found her story about the struggles she’s experienced in the music industry interesting.

Book Smart- This quirky comedy about two high school seniors was hilarious, and something I could relate to. I feel like I could have partied way harder in college (as opposed to them in high school) and I also see the struggles students on the cusp of adulthood go through on a daily basis.

The Good Place Finale- This is probably the only show that my husband and I have stayed up-to-date watching together, so we finished the last episode. I loved how it ended and thought the story was well-done from start to finish. I love shows that end on a high note, as opposed to pushing their run too far and getting lame.


Bad on Paper Podcast- Becca and Grace have grown on me, I have to admit. At first I wasn’t sure, and while I still don’t listen to their book episodes, I like their banter and find their lives interesting. I love that they can discuss things like politics or entrepreneurship, but then also talk about skin care. In a lot of ways that’s how I operate, too; super serious sometimes but then obsessing about what sort of hyaluronic acid to buy.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson- I am listening to this and am finding it incredibly entertaining and interesting.

22 Hours- This podcast outlines the horrible twenty-two hours a family who was tortured spent a few years ago. It’s definitely not uplifting, but well-done and fascinating for discerning true-crime podcast listeners like myself.

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  1. 22-Hours sounds right up my alley so I added it to my Spotify. Thanks for telling us about it!!!!