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[At the race expo]

This week in politics… man. There’s just so much happening, so much nonsense, and so much disappointment as a whole.

I ran my half marathon last weekend! My main goal was that I’d finish feeling like the hours and hours and miles and miles of training that I’d put in hadn’t been a waste, and that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t PR and my time was slow, but I ran the entire 13.1 miles (even the hills) and didn’t feel like dying when I crossed the finish line. I am so excited to not have to do looooooong runs on the weekends now and to get to vary my workouts more. I will still run 12-15 miles a week, but I’ll start integrating more yoga and hill walking too, which makes me super happy. I think the long runs were making me a little depressed the day after, as they took away so much free time and zapped me of energy I don’t have to spare. We’ll see.

I’m reading The Rise of the Ultra Runners by Adharanand Finn right now, which I am totally loving. If you love memoirs or running books this one is definitely for you (and no, I will never run an ultra… I’d trip and fall within the first mile).

I’ve talked about how January was a rough month for me personally, so I think I’m probably over-compensating in February. I have plans with friends, plans with family, plans alone… so many great things to look forward to. Last weekend was the half and this weekend Sawyer and I are taking a kid’s painting class that will guide us through the process of making a sloth (insert laughing emojii, haha). He is super artistic but is a little apprehensive about taking a class where he’s told what to do, so this will be interesting! I think it’ll end up being really fun and a great challenge for him.

I have next week off for President’s Week (our district found several years ago that attendance went way down this week, so they gave us the time off and took the days away during the summer, so it’s not a freebie by any means) and Sawyer only has a four day weekend! I have a lot of boring things to take care of, like dentists appointments and getting our taxes done, but I have blocked out one day on the calendar to do whatever the heck I want.

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  1. Congrats on the run! I also hate the disappointments on the political front...I was happy at the actions of one senator...even though it had no effect on the overall vote.