Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. There's a difference between speaking your mind and being rude. As I look at online comments, social media accounts, etc... I just see so much downright childishness. I just don't understand people who can't show empathy and who take so much pride in being jerks. 

2. My seniors "check out" in about a week, which means all but one of my periods of teaching are headed towards the final countdown. We are having a virtual graduation, but I'm also super excited about the fact that our district has decided to do a drive-through one, so the kids have the opportunity to walk across a stage in a cap and gown. I volunteered to go, which I'm even MORE excited about, since I haven't been able to distribute senior yard signs, help with passing out laptops, etc... 

3. The weather has been all over the place lately, we had a few days in the 90s and now we are back down the the low-to-mid 70s. It makes a huge difference to me, under lock down, to be honest. When it's hot I can't walk as much and I don't feel like getting in treadmill time either. I know it's inevitable, but I hope we have a late summer this year. 

4. I did it. I made the viral mini pancakes. But, let me get one straight: THIS IS NOT CEREAL.

5. I watched the Michelle Obama documentary on Netflix and I basically choked back tears the entire time. It was basically the film version of her book, which was totally fine with me.

6. I'm super bummed- I was supposed to go to a virtual Q&A featuring Roxane Gay and a local bookstore and I totally forgot to buy the tickets for it. My friend had a good point, though, that this is probably going to be a popular format for readings for awhile. 

7. I've been working on a top-secret fun project for work with some colleagues and it's making me so happy, just our weekly progress meetings, seeing the content role in, and knowing the big reveal will be special to a lot of people. I think productivity, whatever it looks like for you, is so important right now when it's so easy to flounder. 

8. I just had an interesting conversation about the connection between empathy and having meaningful friendships. I believe that people who struggle with friendships often struggle with empathy, with exception, of course. The whole " what came first, the chicken or the egg" things is relevant too, of course- do you have a lot of great friends because you're empathetic or do the friendships make you more empathetic? 


  1. Ughhhh that's a bummer about Roxane Gay!!! But those mini pancakes are super cute! I didn't know they were a thing?????

  2. I also loved the Becoming documentary. I needed the feel good moments of watching and listening to her, even though I also felt sad that we no longer have them in the White House...and have a horrible person instead.


  3. LMAO at your commentary about the mini pancake cereal xD Cute though. That sucks about the Roxane Gay event.

    My Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

  4. New to the meme. Didn't know that Mrs. Obama had a documentary on Netflix I will have to look it up and watch it today. Here are my thoughts: