Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. October! I have been sort of dreading the holiday season this year, just because I usually jam-pack every weekend with fun things for Sawyer and I for nearly three months straight. You're not going to hear any "it feels good to slow down" talk from me- I'm bummed that we won't be pumpkin-patch hopping, eating breakfast with Santa, or running in festive attire. But, it's still important to celebrate, so I'm going to work hard on doing what we can with what we've got.

2. Schools might start back in our county soon, since the numbers have been steadily improving according to the state's metric. We will start back in a hybrid format, which is basically going to be a nightmare, for many reasons that I won't make my head and stomach hurt lamenting here. I will say that my son's teacher has been posting pictures of her classroom and it looks incredibly safe and well-planned out, and since there are only 20 kids in his first-grade class I think they can do a good job social distancing.

I will say that it continues to be a complicated, fluid, and emotionally-charged issue and I have absolutely no room in my life for people who are going to withhold empathy on the topic, in either direction. That are a lot of valid concerns on both "sides."  

3. I am doing a mileage challenge in October in order to earn myself an RBG medal- 87 run/walk miles. It's less than three miles a day, so between my normal treadmill work and the fact I can walk the puppy outside soon it should be easy. 

4. I am reading I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika Sanchez as part of my advisee duties for a student research paper and while there are a lot of good things about it, I stand solid in my preference that I just don't really like reading YA. There's something about an adult writing from the perspective of a teenager that just doesn't quite work for me.

5. I mentioned it before, but I can walk Ellie starting on Sunday, since she is fully vaccinated. I am SO excited. She has SO much energy and it will be a great way to get out in the nice cool morning air before work starts. 

6. Why did I watch the debate last night? Why did I waste my time? Why will I watch the others? Ugh. The worst. Remember when there was some sense of decorum and procedure to these nights? Back before Trump entered politics? 

7. I really, really miss my family. My mom lives like six or so hours away, but I usually see her four or so times a year. I think this has been our longest stretch- since last Thanksgiving. My brother moved to the midwest a year ago, so that makes it easier to process, but I miss him too (he used to live in San Diego, so I saw him probably every other month). I keep telling myself "when all this is over" (what does that even mean?) I'm never spending another weekend at home. Man. I should have bought a little RV a few years ago. Why can't I be psychic? 

8. But, if it was even a legit thing, would I even want to be psychic? That's a lot of responsibility. 

9. I'm not sure if it will happen, but I want to try to post every day for a week. 

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