Books on Your Back- Giveaway Edition

Oh yes, you read that right: giveaway edition. I emailed a few t-shirt companies to see if anyone was interested in sponsoring a giveaway here at Bookishly Boisterous and the awesome folks over at Literary Rags got back to me first. They offer shirts with a wide variety of novelists, poets, dramatists, philosophers and other intellectuals and advise you to "wear what you read." A few of my favorites:

(Dostoyevski; back reads, "The secret of man's being is not only to live but to have something to live for)

(Fitzgerald; back reads, "Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy")

There are others in the same format (many come in different colors besides black) featuring Jane Austen, Earnest Hemingway, Arthur Miller, C.S. Lewis, Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson (a good one), and Virginia Woolf.

To enter you can do one of the following (1 = 1 entry, 2 =2, etc...)
1. Go to their site to check out the shirts and then post in the comments below the name of the book you're currently reading and what shirt you'd like (any of the shirts on their site, not just the two from above)- you don't have to be a member, I allow guests to comment (make sure you do this no matter what)
2. Become a follower on blogger or twitter
3. Share the giveaway on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter (and let me know)

The winner will be randomly chosen Tuesday morning at 10 am and then we'll go from there. So, to the like 5 of you who comment, good luck!


  1. i am reading harry potter and the deathly hallows (lol accidently typed hairy at first)
    for the millionth time so i can compare the movie and the book. yes i am a dork.
    i know i wont win because i never win ;) but i would love

  2. I'm currently reading "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer. Rather interesting. I love

  3. I'm reading Papillon by Henri Charierre. Have you read it? I think you would like! I want the shirt of Langston Hughes!!! I absolutely love "Dreams" - we had to read in 7th grade and I still have my copy!!!! What a great giveaway! Hope I win!!!

  4. I'm currently reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, and I'm loving it! I checked out the site, the shirt with the Nabokov quote is great!

  5. I am reading two kisses for maddy. I like the CS Lewis shirt experience the most brutal of teachers...

  6. I love this series you're doing! I like the Virginia Woolf shirt. I am currently reading "Dead Reckoning", the most current Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris.

  7. I am following you now on twitter! (Fitcraftyteach)

  8. I tweeted the giveaway!

    I wanna win so hard! (lol) I am an English teacher, and I love wearing nerdy English shirts to make my students ask about them.

  9. I just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. You should read it :) I'd like the Jane Austen shirt!

  10. 1. I hated Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Ick.

    2. I'm reading Sophie's Choice. Currently still up in the air as to what I think.

    3. I'm following you on Twitter because I love the sarcasm and book recommendations :)


  11. I am currently reading two books: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and Super Sad True Love Story. I really like the William Burroughs shirt but I noticed that it is out of stock. I also liked the William Faulkner one.
    Claudia Cruz

  12. I am reading Watchers by Dean Koontz, I like the Poe shirt and the Dickenson shirt and I am posting this right now!

    Amanda Johnson

  13. Who won the shirt?

  14. Scroll up- Vanessa from Gourmet Runner! Yay!

  15. I am currently reading The Thirteenth Tale (loving it) and would like the Louisa May Alcott shirt. Little Women was my first 'grown up' book