March Goals, Plus February, Revisited

Every month I set some monthly goals and revisit the previous month's. This is mostly just for myself, as a sort of public accountability exercise, but feel free to add your own in the comments so that we can be nosy together! 

February's Goals: 

1. Log at least 100 hours on the Forest App: BARELY

2. Average 6 hours and 45 minutes of sleep nightly: ALMOST I was doing okay until this week, when the COVID19 vaccination really messed with my schedule and sleep quality. I was only a few minutes shy for the month, though, so I'll need to keep working on it.

3. Get ready for our tax appointment: YUP 

4. Start and emergency binder: YES I am nowhere near done, but I've started the process of getting things together so that my husband has ALL the info to run our house smoothly if for some reason I cannot

5. Go to at least 2 "fun" places with Sawyer: DONE We went to see these large dinosaurs out in the desert and last weekend we took Ellie to a large regional park

6. Teacher Sawyer to tie his shoes: SO CLOSE We are on the very last stage of the traditional bunny ears method. I did get him riding his bike more this month (still with training wheels), which was really challenging for both of us, so I am happy with his progress in Important Little Kid Skills Advancement.

7. "Go" to a reading/event: YES I "went" to hear Brandon Hobson speak to Rebecca Makkai through the Strand/Scripps Presents/PEN.

8. Do abs twice a week: YUP (looks down... needs to do more...)

Onward and upward! March goals!

1. Get an average of 6 hors and 45 minutes of sleep a night- Go go Gadget take two!

2. Get in a Sawyer-back-to-school routine- He went back for his first day today, so time to rock and roll! 

3. Plan out work outs each week (even if I don't stick to them completely)- I am such a rule follower that know I'm "supposed" to run for twenty five minutes and then do arms for ten (or whatever) will force me to be more strategic about my exercise. 

4. Keep working on my emergency binder: Chugging right along on this weird little project... 

5. Be in a good place grading-wise for spring break at the end of the month: I hate brining work into my breaks, like I had to over Thanksgiving. 

6. Buy a car: I am dreading this so much. Large purchases stress me out, monthly payments are the worst, and I just don't really care about cars in general.

7. Lose six-point-two pounds: Ooooooof I know we aren't supposed to say things like that, #bodypositivty and whatnot, but I think that as a responsible, rational, healthy 37 year old woman I can. And did. 

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