Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I honestly don't remember a time where I've been so behind and busy in my life. This is probably an exaggeration, but when I look at my to-do lists (yes, plural), my calendar, and the circles under my eyes it definitely looks that way. Mostly, it's all be been good! 

Some highlights from the past few weeks:
- Halloween! We did the whole trick-or-treat thing again and Sawyer got to dress up at school, too
- I taught an embroidery enrichment workshop at my school this morning for 40 students and it was a blast. The prep was pretty labor-intensive, but the kids were eager and it was great to be around them in a new way 
- Sawyer and I have found a new hiking spot in Orange County that is awesome- lots of well-maintained trails, various levels of intensity, great scenery, and less than an hours away
- I finished a 60ish page photo book for my grandpa's 90th birthday next weekend. It was quite the progress- we have a very large family and tracking down pictures from everyone was quite the task
- Sawyer got his covid vaccine last weekend! He took it like a champ and we got milkshakes afterwards. We will of course be repeating this in a few more weeks
- I bough the Home Alone LEGO set- I couldn't resist
- Last weekend we hit up the farmer's market, got fancy donuts, and bought some Christmas decorations with a friend- it was the perfect reminder of how much better this holiday season is than last year

Some upcoming things to look forward to:
- A friend and I are going to a season pass Christmas event at Knott's Berry Farm next week. Sawyer is usually my Knott's buddy, but it's late on a school night, so I'm leaving him home with his dad
- My mom comes down next weekend! My grandpa is turning 90 and we are having a very small lunch for him
- I think my husband and I might actually get to go out to dinner alone, since grandma will be here to babysit! Once Sawyer is fully vaccinated I'll feel better about having a babysitter come hang out with him (and I have several in mind! Yay!)
- Sawyer gets to go to his first birthday party tomorrow since the pandemic started. It's outside and with kids from his class, so it feels fine
- Next weekend marks my triumphant return to LA museums! 
- It's almost Thanksgiving break!

Other things...
- I am reading several different books- a Sedaris, a Didion, Gary Shtenygart's new one, and then also I am rereading Persepolis in preparation to teach it starting next week
- I really, really want to see the House of Gucci movies but don't want to go to the theater. I need to investigate where to stream it
- My son got an Outstanding Writer award at his semester assembly. I am so proud of him! We weren't allowed to go, which was actually a lot easier for my schedule, but I was thankful his teacher sent pictures

New book mail:
- The Promise Damon Galgut
- Five Days in Winter Lily King
- Between the Lines by Uli Beutter Cohen
- The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Siegel 
- How to Stop Losing Your Shit with Your Kids  by Carla Naumburg
- Raising Good Humans Hunter Clarke-Fields

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