Five Things About... Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno- Garcia

First of all, full disclosure: this is not my typical genre (horror/gothic). I read it for book club, and while it wasn’t my favorite, we had a great discussion. We wanted something seasonal for Halloween, in our defense!

One thing I did appreciate was the ability of the author to create a descriptive setting that captivates the reader from the beginning. Her imagery and attention to detail were impressive. 

The characters, including Noemi, the protagonist, lacked any real depth. I didn’t feel invested in anyone and many of the characters with potential to be dynamic fell pretty flat. 

Without giving much a way, I found the twist pretty ridiculous. Sorry! I did appreciate the botanical element, but it was all too much. 

I found the pacing off- the beginning two-thirds crawled, while the ending packed in way too much. I had a really hard time wanting to read in the beginning, which made the story drag on even more

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  1. Yeah sounds about right, the pacing dragged for me. It was different from what I normally read. Her use of imagery was great … all in all an odd book.