Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I was supposed to go out of town on my own next weekend, just to take an actual break, but I decided to postpone it until May or the summer. I have too much on my plate right now that a weekend off would end up making more stressed eventually. Womp womp womp. We'll do something fun nonetheless, but I had been fantasizing about the sleep and uninterrupted reading time for weeks. I know it's a lot to ask as a mom and a teacher, but I just want to go a couple hours and not have to talk to someone... I also want to actually exist for a day without feeling like I have 294297429 things to do around the house.

Another disappointment? My sewing machine broke! I spent HOURS trying to fix it, but ended up ordering a new one. I've been practicing making book sleeves lately, so I'm happy to be back working on those, but a little bummed that I had the unexpected expense when I'm so close to getting my car paid off. 

We've been talking out art classes for Sawyer for years, but recently a new place super close opened and it's on a week-to-week basis, which is perfect. It was the perfect style for him- a little lesson at the beginning and then a painting with some basic direction. 

Last night we had book club for Colson Whitehead's Harlem Shuffle and we were very mixed on it. I definitely warmed up to it as I read, and would probably rank it in the middle of the books of his I have read so far.  

I can't believe it, but I finally signed Ellie up for Barkbox. It's ridiculous and I never spend that much on toys for her each month, but I also need her to be more occupied, so I sucked it up and pulled the plug. 

I am doing 1:1 orals with my students every Thursday and Friday right now, for two more weeks (I've done 3 of the 7 days), and it throws off my momentum and routine so badly. The kids are doing a great job, but I can't wait for it to be over. It also puts me even further behind with grading and planning, which is super unfortunate. 

It's a miracle- I finished a show and a movie over my break last week. After two months I finally finished And Just Like That (better than the movies, not as good as the show) and Scott and I watched I Want You Back on Amazon Prime (entertaining, predictable, and sweet- if it was a book I would have hated it, but it works for a movie). 

Last week's to-dos:
- draft of two custom Etsy orders done
- finish one of the custom orders not done (customer has not emailed me back)
- keep making progress with grading sort of
- take Sawyer to an art class yup! 
- meet up with a friend Yes! Yay! 
- catch up with reviews and posts Check
- set up new sewing machine (long story) Sigh. Yes.
- book discounted rate car rental for summer trip  Oops, totally forgot about that
- finish book club book by Friday Of course!

This week:
- book that car rental
- host a play date for Sawyer
- figure out something fun to do next weekend, since I'm not going away
- two yoga sessions
- more effectively manage stress
- average more sleep than the last week 

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