Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Last week was a lot- work deadlines, Etsy deadlines, solar panel issues (thank goodness for warranties and me keeping an eye on the production data), poor sleep, prepping for painters, and it was too hot, too soon. 

I must have clicked on one too many sad-kid Instagram story because the algorithm is serving me the most depressive content ever. Thanks. 

I saw something recently that anxiety is one part uncertainty and one part doubting our ability to cope and my mind was blown. That's exactly what it is, which then made me so mad at myself. I have had to deal with so many bad things in my life and I've managed to survive everything. Such a great perspective. 

Speaking of anxiety, haha, I just added The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel to my wishlist. I have serious issues regarding money- if you know me personally or have been a reader here for awhile you know that. I'm not bad with money- quite the opposite, ifIdosaysomyself, but I have a lot of nerves tied up into it. I grew up in a household where we were always struggling and it's really impacted me as an adult. In a way it's great, because the only debt I have is related to our house and I have a health savings, but it also makes me scared to invest and to even spend (and the preoccupation when I do... ugh). 

We haven't watched Yellowstone in over two weeks and I'm sad. We had some painting done (for once! I was not the painter!) and our living room and kitchen were covered in plastic for a few days, so hopefully this weekend we can get crazy and watch, like, two episodes or something. 

It really bothers me that so many states are becoming lax about reporting Covid data to the CDC. Yes, it isn't reliable right now because people are testing at home, but at least hospitalizations! And percent positives! And it's not because I'm necessarily worried, I just think that if health officials want to be proactive and work to curb any hot spots they need data at all levels of outbreak. 

Looks like I'll be hiking Half Dome for the third time this summer! My friend and I both entered the lottery and she got in! It's going to be great motivation to really focus my work outs over the next three months. Hello incline! 

This weekend is shaping up to be busy and fun- I am meeting a friend Saturday morning, afterwards a few of Sawyer's friends are joining us for his art class, and then one of my least favorite holidays, Easter (I don't hate it, it just always sneaks up on me). We aren't doing anything big, since it's just the three of us, but I am going to make a big brunch and Sawyer and I will make your delightfully tacky bunny cake. 

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