Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

My seniors check out today! We still have until next Friday until the year is over, but for me, other than cleaning my classroom, I'm pretty much done. I coincidentally made a few appointments so I can take two days off, so I should ease out of this exhausting school year nicely. Graduation is next Tuesday, so then it will feel official. 

I ordered my annual "box-o-books" for the summer and I can't wait to dive in. I'm waiting for some new releases to arrive over the next few weeks and then I will share. 

I just started the Emma Straub episode of the Bad on Paper Podcast and she's a delight! I cannot wait to visit Books are Magic the next time I'm in New York, and her newest books is part of my summer TBR. 

In preparation for Half Dome this summer I've amped up my workouts a lot, but I'm trying to run less (other than in the morning with the dog). My favorite workout right now is to alternate between step aerobics (hello, yes, this is the 80s, right?), a steep incline on the treadmill, weights, and abs, each at five minutes and repeating however many times I can. 

This weekend I am going away ALL BY MYSELF. I was originally supposed to last March, but things were too stressful at the time (I know, weird, I couldn't go away to relax because I was too stressed, so I rescheduled for when work was easier. I am leaving tomorrow night after my husband is done working and I'll come back Sunday sometime. Two days of not having an alarm, walking around the beach, reading, and not having to do a dang thing. It's going to be magical (and maybe a yearly tradition?). 

Last week's to-dos:

Things I need to do soon:
1. Confirm drywaller (done, and he came and did the job!)
2. Finish book (yup)
3. Get grades in (yup)
4. Glue puzzle (don't ask) (yup)
5. Contact landscaper about sprinkler issue (yup)
6. Buy Hollywood Bowl tickets (yup)

Next week's to-dos:
1. Finish the school year
2. Really and truly try to relax this weekend
3.Gather everything for Sawyer's spirit week (YET ANOTHER)
4. Possibly bathe the dog- if not, a really good brushing 

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