Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I am so incredibly tired of my helping my son with his homework. His teacher gives out SO much- they have to silent read for 15-20 minutes, review vocabulary slides, a spelling activity, and a math activity EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It takes us nearly an hour most days and I am so over it. I get that there is a need to make up for learning loss from last year, but for parents who work it's just insane. And they're moving SO fast in math- in the course of a week is homework went from identifying coins to making change after adding up several coins. Okay, rant over. Can you tell what I've been doing? Ha. 

One of my old students who graduated six years ago sent me a Milkbar cake and the sweetest card for Teacher Appreciation Week. In my opinion TAW is out of control in the elementary schools, but, on the other hand, secondary teachers basically get nothing (I don't want anything- cards at the most). Anyway, it was so generous and much-needed.

Mother's Day was the best yet- Sawyer, Ellie and I went on an early hike, then got donuts, Sawyer and Scott got/made me a few things, I did some things around the house, and then my friend and I went to UCLA to see David Sedaris (post coming soon!). 

My students are taking their IB test tomorrow, the one we've been working towards for two school years and they are so prepared. I have so much faith in them! 

I'm reading Loved and Wanted: A Memoir of Choice, Children, and Womanhood by Christa Parravani, about how the West Virginian health care system failed her, and it's so depressing. 

Weekly-ish to-do lists are back!

Things I need to do soon:
1. Confirm drywaller
2. Finish book
3. Get grades in 
4. Glue puzzle (don't ask)
5. Contact landscaper about sprinkler issue
6. Buy Hollywood Bowl tickets

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