Fun For the Whole Family

I am buying this book for my unborn children, every baby shower I go to from now on (hopefully not many because I hate them more than I hate eating out of Styrofoam with metal utensils), and probably several family members for Christmas.


  1. Check out the Baby Be of Use books by Lisa Brown and published by McSweeney's. I think Bobby got his sister Baby Mix Me a Drink and possibly Baby Fix My Car. That baby has been a quite productive human for 6 years so far!

  2. LOL this is hilarious.

    I hate baby showers, bridal showers, rain showers...basically any type of showers.

  3. Note to self: Do not invite Christine to my baby shower. lol j/k I don't care for them much either. It's cute, but you can only oooo and so many onsies before you call it quits.

    There are so many GREAT children's books out there. That is one thing I miss doing in first grade. Story time. I even read chapter books out loud to them after lunch and ALL of them were HOOKED!

    p.s "I hate eating out of Styrofoam with metal utensils" SO TRUE! You're hilarious!

  4. i need to get me one of those books so i can read it to the kids at work at naptime