Maybe the World Really is Ending

I'm not going to dignify this with a great deal of my precious time, so I took a screenshot, labeled the file "dammit," and slapped it up. Maybe the rapture really is upon us (does anyone have a specific time, by the way? I'd like to get a pedicure first).


  1. I think that article is false! They must be making this stuff up so more people will by e-books! I need to get a pedicure too so let me know if you find out a specific time :)

  2. I'm almost convinced that I shouldn't get a kindle. I DO feel guilty for being part of the reason why print is going out of style...

    But I DO have to say that you have inspired me to read books in general. I am a magazine person... because I have a short attention span and I like pictures! But now, I've finished more books this year than that time in Elementary school where were forced to try to read a gahzillion books. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I think it's probably just the surge of "Ooo, I just got a Kindle, Now I need to download 15 books onto it so that I can read them." And then people realize that the paper pages just smell better and are more comforting, and they don't even end up reading the kindle books they downloaded.
    You cannot cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and a kindle. It doesn't even sound right.
    I got a Kindle app on my phone and downloaded a bazillion books and only read one because it's just not fun to do. So maybe that's what happened.

    My professor did an experiment and assigned everyone a digital text book last semester. At the end of the course, he asked how many of us printed the pages out to do our reading. 39 out of 41 students printed the pages out. Paper wins.

  4. I think Allie might be right. When you initially get a Kindle, I think it's standard to download a ton of books out of excitement and the thrill of a new toy. At least that's what i am telling myself. I will NEVER get an e-book. NEVER. Books, with real pages, are way too precious to me. The entire experience would change and I am not okay with that.