Scrapbooker I Am Not

This girl is not a scrapbooker- I do not have the patience to cut out paper, choose stickers, or stencil anything (nor do I have the urge to blow wads of cash at Michael's). I do, however, like having something a little more than just a basic "stick it in the slot" photo album for pictures that are slightly more interesting that the ones featuring my dog. I experimented with different companies, including Kodak and Shutterfly, and was frustrated with my lack of control (story of my life). I wanted to put different backgrounds on different pages, choose my own layouts, and change the fonts. You know, without buying paper for thirty cents a sheet, and printing things out on my computer to glue on.

Right before I went to Italy in 2009, I noticed Facebook posts th
at someone I went to high school kept writing- apparently her husband ran a company that specialized in photo books. I, of course, cynic that I am, ignored them thinking it was someone pushing the family business. Luckily I checked Mixbook out, discovering that it gave me the flexibility I needed without being expensive (please note, they are not paying me, giving me free products, or even aware that I am writing this). You have complete control over every aspect of the process, including the background patterns, fonts, layouts (templates or free form), pre-made graphics (I think you scrapbookers would call them "stickers"), cover, and page length. The program is extremely easy to use and the finished product is of good quality. Books start at $6.99 for a small paperback, up to $49.99 for a huge coffee table size.

Why the hell is she posting this? I just finished my New York trip book and, face it, it's the closest thing I'll get to publishing a book right now. Plus, it's either this or laun

A few screenshots from my Italy Book:

And a few from the New York one I just finished:


  1. NICE! I just made a wedding album for the moms on shutterfly and it came out really nice. It was very expensive though. I wish I knew about this site!

  2. Dude, those are great. Really pretty. And definitely inspiring to attempt something myself.

  3. How cool! I love this concept - I love that you did it for various trips you took...I would totally do the same thing.