Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts

1. Oscar Nominations came out today, and while I'm definitely not the one with the knowledge or strong opinions in this household, I was happy that I've seen a few of the ones nominated (Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Silver Lining Playbook, Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, and then Zero Dark Thirty this wekend). I must admit to being pleased that The Hobbit barely made the list- take that Peter Jackson! That's what you get for trying to stretch one book into three super long movies.

[you should see this]

2. If I was rich I'd have my hair blown out every week [insert "not a blow job" joke here]. I guess technically I could afford it right now, but $40 a week on hair-related costs is probably not the best use of my hard earned cash. There's just something about a blow out that makes me happy...

3. Counting today, I only have four days left of winter break. Part of me feels like it's time to go back; when I spend too long curling my hair before meeting friends for lunch it's probably time to go back to work. When I bust out my three-year-old (but never before used) juicer to randomly make myself juice it's probably time to go back to work. When I say things to my husband like "the dogs and I were talking and.." it's probably time to go back to work. When I spend 90 minutes trying to pass one level on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean it's definitely time to go back to work (have we talked about how much I suck at video games?). You get my drift. The only problem is that I really truly despise waking up at 5:45 and being expected to be a nice human being for the following nine hours. 

4. Confession: our "book club" hasn't read a book together in a really long time. Basically we just sit around, talking and drinking, which is perfectly fine, and totally not cliche because we don't even pretend anymore.

 5. I'm this close to a blog redesign. A friend recently did hers and it looks great- I'm just being cheap (which is lame because it isn't that expensive at all). I think this might be a nice little test to determine whether or not I want to stay on this hosting site or not.

6. I really want to buy some garden wine barrel thingies (the technical term, I'm sure) to plant an herb garden and maybe some flowers this spring. Unfortunately, I really don't like getting my hands dirty (I was the kid who brought a washcloth to the dinner table because napkins didn't do a good enough job) and I'm afraid I'd slack off and the gardener would end up taking care of them. And then I'd feel bad.

7.  Click here for probably the best looking headboard ever. 

8. We watched the first episode of Downton Abbey the other night and I'm on the fence. So many characters. So many plot lines. All I know is that guy, the one with the bad leg, is probably going to go postal on all the other servants that have been being such dicks to him. Anyway, if I'm going to continue watching I should probably stop calling it "Downtown."

[so they say... source]


  1. Spend that $40 a week on the blowouts. Your hair is gorgeous and deserves to be treated as so. Do I even have to tell you my feelings on a new blog layout? Out of all the movies, I've only seen two, one being Moonrise Kingdom which Sergio and I loved.

  2. That headboard is pretty cool! But the practical side of me says, how would you keep it clean!? :) I usually try to stay on top of watching the Oscar nominated movies for best picture, but out of the ones you listed, I've only heard of two and I haven't even seen them, *sigh*. I'm in desperate need of a blog redesign too (meaning, not by me - by someone I pay), but I'm pretty cheap too ;) Your friend's blog looks great - I love the simplicity and clean lines of it.

    1. My concern about that headboard is also just smacking into it when changing sheets, forcing dogs off the bed, etc...

  3. I'm really impressed that you aren't back to work already! The teachers in my old district went back on Monday. My facebook feed was full up of people not wanting to wake up early or get back to the grind.*

    1. This past week has been furloughs, plus we got out super late.

  4. Interesting! Though I consider myself a very girly girl, I've never thought of having my hair treated. Then again, I'm still a teenager so I don't really have the funds for it.

    And I love number three. I feel that all the time except I feel little guilt over it! Haha.

    Love the post. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for dropping by my blog!

    Gellie @ A Discombobulated Balladry

  5. I would love to have my hair blown out every week - I wish there were more dry bars around Denver. I am also excited about the list of movies above - though I was a bit annoyed that Ben Affleck didn't get a director nomination (I mean, what does a guy have to do?).