Top Ten Tuesday- 2013 Debuts

First day back to work in twenty-four days: check. I'm sure tomorrow will be easier... On the bright side, I'm now dealing with something like 140 teenagers instead of a 165 or whatever it was. All I know is that during lunch we calculated how many days until summer break, and, let me tell you, it ain't pretty. I like my job, I like my job, I like my job.

Anyway, Top Ten Tuesday. The Broke and The Bookish are asking us to come up with our Top Ten Debuts for the year. Honestly, I don't know of ten first-time authors this year, so I'm taking some liberty with the post. Bear with me.

[guys, it's only $65,000- source]
1. The Land Rover diesel-electric hybrid- In my head I will one day be willing to triple my car payment for a Land Rover. I've always said that one of my stipulations will be that they'll have to come out with a hybrid, and apparently they've taken my desire to heart (thanks, guys). I'm not so happy about the redesign, but we're headed down the right path. 

2. Night Film by Marisha Pessl- She's been gone so long that this book is basically like a debut again, since she's going to have to basically remake her reputation.

3. 20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake- Speaking of being gone so long... Six years! Apparently, like Land Rover, he too has taken my desire to heart. Thanks, JT.

4. Overalls- Fine, fine, one last "they're so old they're new" item. Overalls! Both Lucky and Harper's Bizarre say they're making a comeback for spring 2013. Fingers crossed. I super-duper love overalls. 

5. Idiopathy by Sam Byers- Well, well, well, another book makes the list. Set during a Mad Cow outbreak, this book is a satire but also about love and lonliness (is it just me or do the two always end up hand in hand?).

[the cover is snazzy]
6. The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards by Kristopher Jansma- I'm a sucker for books about people writing books, what can I say? This book has made it on quite a few lists for 2013, so I'm eager to see if it's worth the hype (ahem, Penguin people).

7. Ballistics by DW Wilson- Mostly, I'm just interested to see what kind of chops  the winner of the inaugural Man Booker Scholarship has got.

8. The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan- This debut Irish author tells the story of 21 people effected by the recession in the Irish countryside. I'm really, really intrigued to see how he manages to handle the heft of that many unique voices. 

9. The 2013 [insert high school where I teach] Yearbook: I am so, so, so unbelievably tired of advising yearbook right now. I adore my staff, but January and February are really taxing with final deadlines. We've switched formats to something called chronological, and while it looks great it was a lot to take on. 

10. The Untitled Monkey on My Back by Me: Fine, I have no plans of publishing this year (or possibly ever), but it would be nice to finish it and let the four people I've carefully selected to read it have a go (everyone who knows me and reads this is repeating "not me, not me" while crossing their fingers).


  1. Your list wins! (especially the overalls bit... not that I'm an overalls wearer but I appreciate the sentiment).

    I'm waiting on an ARC of The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards - I also like books about writing.

  2. Sounds like Land Rovers are to you as Tahoes are to me. I sat in one at a car show and melted. I want! But alas, I doubt I will ever have one. (They are a little pricey and I am very cheap.)*

  3. Oh my gosh if overalls make a comeback I don't know what I'll do! Used to wear them every other day all through middle school, they were the best.