Christmas Projects #1: Sorta Snow Globes

Let's just clear something up right now: I'm not a crafty person. I'm a person that occasionally does crafts, if they're not pointless, expensive, or tacky. Anyway, in an effort to add some Christmas decorations to our house I took on a few projects last month and thought I'd share over the next few days. Today: Sorta Snow Globes.

I saw some samples on Pinterest (of course) and read that Anthropologie was selling them for $40 last year- I made six for somewhere around $30 (thanks to several Michael's coupons). What was also great about this project was how quick it is- from start to finish it took barely thirty minutes. And you could probably do it with your kids (or, um, your dogs), if that's your thing. Mine will live on the mantel for the season. 

Mason jars in assorted sizes
Hot glue
Fake snow
Foam board (or thick cardboard)
Various items to put in jars: trees, ornaments, etc...

Step 1: Gather your materials

Step 2: Ask for help

Step 3: Determine the contents of each jar

Step 4: Cut out small pieces of foam (or whatever) to act as risers  for some of the low lying or shorter objects

Step 5: Hot glue everything in- some materials, like ceramic, will need a generous amount

Step 6: Add a little bit of snow to the bottom of the jar- it's really preference. I added maybe 2-3 tbsp or so for the larger jars and far less for the smaller ones.

Step 7: Screw on top. You're done! 


  1. Very nice. Looks like fun too. I might make a couple with my niece and nephews over Christmas break. Thanks for the post.

  2. Very cute Christine! You're so crafty ;)