Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Last week a student particularly near and dear to me emailed me while I was out at a training "Do you get laid?" I know this sounds shocking, but the kid asks me 17.5 million questions a week (2/3 via email) and some tend to be personal (although none this much so...). I quickly received a follow-up email explaining she means "paid." Anyways, it was hilarious at the time and she still gets embarrassed when I mention it- ammo!

2. I rediscovered my love for the cereal Oh's! I ate an excessive amount in college (they're less than $3 a box) and have only hopped back on the wagon a few times since then. I'm back on. I'm trying to be pretty diligent about my calorie intake right now, so I'm trying to stick to the serving size since they're pretty dense. Then again, 120 or whatever calories does not make a meal, so it is a bit of a conundrum. But still, so good. 

3. I have a check up tomorrow and am so very, very excited that I get to leave my clothes on. And I guess to hear the baby's heartbeat or whatever. But anyway, at the practice I go to you have to strip down to nothing and wear all that paper shit until you're 12 weeks along. That ship has sailed so I get to stay dressed. And I'm seeing a new doctor who hopefully won't suck as much as the one I've been currently seeing, so fingers crossed.

4. Speaking of the baby thing, I have this super unrealistic goal of wanting to read all my books before it's born. I swear to GOD I'm still going to read postpartum (at least fifteen or twenty sleepy minutes a day), but I do love goals and challenges. It's so not going to happen, but it's something to aspire to (mainly because I know I'll end up getting 10-20 books in the next several months).

5. Have you heard of the Cartwheel App for Target? Every week they post new coupons on normal, everyday things and you download them to your phone and they'll scan it at checkout. I don't save that much, maybe a few bucks a week, but it's oddly fun. Like a game. 

[you're welcome for the free advertising, you corporate pigs]

6. I want to take a minute to apologize for being a shitty follow-up commenter. Some of you (like Rory and Lianne) are so great at responding to blog comments. I totally suck at it. So I'm sorry, and I'll try to be better, but just know I love hearing what everyone says. Part of the problem is I get email alerts and I'm usually not home, so I forget to respond. Excuses, excuses.

7. I made these last night. They were pretty fucking awesome.

8. A month or so ago I shared the fun news that I was probably going to Seattle for a work training. Now it's been changed to Houston, and that's if we can get a spot. Houston. HOUSTON! Let's just say another choice was Detroit. Sliiiiiim pickins. Nonetheless, I will make it fun and will possibly wear cowboy boots and a ginormous belt buckle. Yeehaw. 

9. I know it's old news, but I still really hate that "Marriage Isn't for You" article. Yes, marriage is for me! I chose a husband based on someone that would make me happy for the rest of my life- not because I wanted to make him happy. Not that I wanted him to be unhappy, but I figure if he was willing to go through with it he was good to go. It was not an act of altruism that allowed him to be graced with my presence until death. And for my "future children?" Are you kidding me? There is so, so much more to marriage than kids. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not saying that I don't do anything for my husband or never give him anything. I'm just saying that you have to go into it realistically. Seth Adam Smith needs to get out of rainbow colored bubble full of puppies and kittens and get with the program. Oh, and his argument may hold more stock if his wife was a troll, but she's not. 

10. Sylvia Plath update: we're on our third poem and all still alive and relatively happy. Dare I say I'm enjoying this? We still have 17 more to go (plus a Socratic Seminar, a possible essay, a buttload of review, and their individual twenty-minutes commentaries recorded to send to IB), so I may be singing a different tune in a few weeks. 

11. (Bonus!) I can't wait for this to happen tomorrow. I need to not watch the footage around my husband, or any person for that matter, since I will cry like a baby the entire time. Humanity as a whole gets so much shit sometimes, but once in awhile people do some really great things.



  1. I'm not sure I've ever eaten Oh's. I feel like I'm missing out!

    For some reason I never could read while I was pregnant. It was a strange thing that happened with all 3 of mine. I used audiobooks during postpartum. It was nice and relaxing.

    Yay for Target coupons! :) And wow @ Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares. O_O

    LOL - welcome to Texas. I hope y'all have a great time here. ;)

  2. That email is hysterical- teenagers (other people's) can be so funny!
    Cool app for Target- but I try to stay away from there as much as possible. My bank account strongly recommends it.

  3. I don't think we have Honey Graham Oh's here...they look yummy =D Those pumpkin chocolate chip squares look really yummy too! Don't think I've ever really eaten any baked goods involving pumpkin...I guess I should fix that...

    lmao at that email your student sent you!

    Best of luck with #4! :)

    Aww, that's okay about the follow-up commenting! I've been a bit bad getting back to people these last few weeks; I seem to be doing pretty good at scheduling my posts but not so much at allotting a bit of time aside to get back to some comments. Hopefully soon I can just sit down and get back to people *fingers crossed*

  4. I love that cereal! Only I always felt cheated because the box was so small, and I could never find it in family size... so I could go through the box in about two days and then be like... okay, now what?

    I haven't had it in years, but yes, so delicious!

  5. I'm trying to get that Target app to work now. It won't recognize my email/pw combo. Gahhhh, I want the coupons!

  6. Re #4 - Take heart, I got SO MUCH reading done after having my babies - when I was feeding I always read (Kindles or hardback books that stay open or can be propped up come into their own).

  7. I HATED that "marriage isn't for you" thing. Mostly because I'm leery of anything that goes viral. (The "I am Adam Lanza's mother" was the last one to really get my riled up.) People read these things and just think "aw" instead of looking at them critically. Annoying!

  8. I second Kate's thought. I get so much reading done when putting the baby to bed and/or nursing him.

    And thanks for thinking I'm a good follow-up commenter, I do actually devote about 20 minutes a day to it - mostly because my favorite part of blogging is the community.

    That article irritated me, I definitely did not marry my partner to make him happy, I married him to make me happy. And if, at the end of the day, we go to bed reasonably pleased with each other, it's a good day.