Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I finally tried a cronut (donut + croissant)- it did not disappoint. It definitely was on the more croissant-y side, but that was fine by me!

2. I couldn't resist- I ordered two of these book letters from Anthropologie (luckily my husband and I have the same initials, just reversed):

3. It's almost Thanksgiving break- I'm super excited. My family will be in town for most of it and my husband and I are hosting 19 for Thanksgiving dinner! I am hoping it ends up being the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

4. I've officially decided on my favorite food, after many years of deliberation: chocolate ganache.


5. I've been trying to learn how to French braid my hair upside down. It's really hard.

6. I've ordered a few things from Modcloth and have always been happy with their products and service. Now I'm even happier. Some sort of something happened when they were processing my order and it couldn't go through. They sent me an email offering 20% off my next purchase and free 2-day shipping. So I got what I originally wanted for less, faster. 

7. I started Jhumpa Lahiri's Lowland and really like it so far.

8. I took last Friday off for various reasons and spent most of the day following Batkid on the live stream. And by "following" I mean I cried for hours because it really was just that sweet. I'd love to blame pregnancy hormones, but the truth is I would have done it anyway. I'm a sucker for that kind of shit.


9. I downloaded the Charity Miles app a few days ago and am completely infatuated with the premise. They've partnered with big time companies to donate money for every mile you bike, run or walk. The only thing you have to do, besides move your ass, is remember to turn the app on and then "thank" the sponsors on Facebook or Twitter (sorry Twitter followers...). So far the dogs and I have raised enough funds for like 12 or 15 puppy and kitten vaccinations through the ASPCA.

10. I found out that because my blood type is the rare/super special B negative I have to get a few shots at various points so my body doesn't reject the tiny little alien and refuse to let anymore take up residence in the future. I just keep picturing the Rhesus monkey (this has to do with the Rh factor- I'll spare you the bio lesson)... Bottom line- my baby and are already probably INCOMPATIBLE! 



  1. A cronut does look pretty awesome! Have you tried a duffin? A doughnut/muffin combo and the one I had also had strawberry jam in the middle. I'm pretty sure it was 99% sugar so when added to the large 4 shot coffee I had I was almost bouncing off the walls at work that day! :-)

  2. The story with Batkid last week was so sweet, I love that everyone did this for him xD

    That chocolate ganache looks goooood :) Glad to hear that the cronut was all right. I don't know if I'd ever try one per se but that particular one you ate looks interesting

    Glad to hear that Lowland is good so far! :)

  3. I finally had to turn off the Batkid stuff because it was making me cry buckets. I don't think pregnancy hormones were the culprit at all

  4. Interesting about the Rhesus; as far as I recall our national protocol is still only to give an infusion shortly after or before birth. Probably budgetary reasons. I love to compare differing protocols between our various countries. Do not worry too much - all three of us kids were born to my Rh- mom and only one needed a bit of help.With a few shots I'm sure all will be fine. :)

  5. Hey I'm B negative too!

  6. Also a fan of Modcloth, I even enjoy their blog.

    The batkid thing, even I got a wee bit teary-eyed. It's nice to see humanity not being shitty from time to time.

  7. 5. I can only do an inverted french braid on myself. But at this point, my hair is a bit too short to make it presentable...

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