Weekend Update- Reading and Writing

I don't know about you, but this is a three-day weekend for me and I couldn't be happier. Besides two (!?- usually we barely manage one) anniversary dinners, working on some Christmas projects, lots of walking, and the normal crappy domestic chores, this is shaping up to be weekend heavy on the reading and writing. No complaints here.

Orange is the New Black- I'm taking part in a virtual book club at the blog Love at First Book and have read half of it. So far it is very, very different from the Netflix series (which I loved), but still interesting. I still firmly believe I'd do terribly in prison.

The Bell Jar- I told my students they could read this book and then take an extra credit quiz, which is on Tuesday, so I'd better get with the program. I keep picturing Esther as a skinner Lena Dunham. And yes, I am ashamed that I've never read it.

Sylvia Plath Poems- Is anyone actually confused as to why she put her head in the oven?

Running in the Family tests- A necessary evil, I'm afraid. Shockingly they haven't been doing too bad.

Articles on the Philippines- Anything I say will be trite and pointless compared to the devastation those poor people have faced.

The Astronauts Wives Club (well, listening)- I've been walking the dogs for at least 35-45 minutes a day, so this went by pretty fast (I just finished it on our walk this morning). It was interesting, but the narrator did voices- no thanks.


NaNoWriMo- I'm not caught up, or anywhere close. I think the fact that I've gone into this in middle of a project is causing a problem. Overall I think it's a great problem to have, but still, it's making me lazy.

The Bell Jar Extra Credit Quiz- True or false: Esther Greenwood needs some Xanax.

Blog Posts- Obviously.

Letters of Rec- 'Tis the season! Luckily I know most of my students really, really well so it's more tedious than difficult. I only need to do a few this weekend, which is great compared to the marathon Sunday I had a few weeks ago. 

You? Read? Written?


  1. I recently read Orange is the New Black after watching the Netflix series. I loved the show, but in the book I feel like she talks so much about how great she is- she never fights with anyone, everyone is her close friend, she helps the other prisoners for free (and shame on those who ask for anything in exchange for their services, whatever they may be). It was a little grating. May actually be the only case where I like the show better.

  2. Oh gosh, I hate it when the narrators do voices.

    I first heard of Piper Kerman on The Moth podcast, and she was fun to listen to. I've seen the show; now I need to read the book!