Document This- Wine and Elephants

Ever since watching Blackfish a few weeks ago, my interest in documentaries has flared once again. Here are two that I've watched since then: 
99 minutes
What made me want to watch a documentary about wine when I've been sober for over five months is beyond me (I think I heard it mentioned on Facebook). Anyway, this story follow four men as they buckle down to study for the master sommelier test, which is only offered once a year. In order to prepare they have to to study for the theory, tasting, and service portions, which basically means they have to know everything, about every wine, everywhere. They spend countless hours studying from flashcards, sampling, and worrying. The documentary interviews their wives/girlfriends to examine how it changes their personal lives (they stop having ones) and watch the dynamics of the friends change as the big day approaches. The documentary ends with the testing process, showing who joins a very elite groups of Americans and who does not.

Verdict: I think anyone, whether they're into wine of not (I actually much prefer other types of drinks, but do enjoy a glass every once in awhile... when I'm not pregnant), will enjoy this documentary. It's not about the wine- it's about struggle, determination, and passion.

One Lucky Elephant
82 minutes
This documentary centers around Flora, a circus elephant whose owner decides that he made a mistake purchasing her nearly twenties years prior. Flora starts
acting a bit more obstinate and is obviously bored of performing. Her owner, who sincerely does love her, starts searching for a new home for her, first hoping that a safari group in Africa would be a good match. That falls through, so he ends up putting her in a zoo, where she unfortunately attacks a worker. He then must keep pursuing other avenues to find her the right home.

Verdict: I appreciated the sentiment behind this documentary- a man trying to do his animal right. It was a little anti-climactic, though, and I think it could have worked a little harder to raise awareness to the issues with circuses and other situations where animals are held in captivity. 

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