A Bookish Baby Wishlist

Lately I've been focused on essentials for the new baby- a place to sleep, ways to eat, clothes to wear. Books for the new little guy have temporarily slipped to the back burner, but, not worry, I've had my eye on a few.

Oldies But Goodies

We have Where the Wild Things Are, but I still had to include it. 

New Kids on the Block 

Any old or new favorites to add to my growing list?


  1. all 3 of the Knuffle Bunny series :) & Napping House were always by boys' favorites. We have hundreds of children's books if you want to look at them before you buy.

  2. Rain Makes Applesauce by Julian Scheer is one of my favorites that isn't well known. Other good ones: Blueberries For Sal, Madeline, The Stinky Cheese Man, Miss Nelson. I love picture books! :)

  3. As an elementary school teacher this post was right up my alley! ANY book by Robert Munsch is so funny! And you also have to get Mo Willems pigeon books. There are tons of them! Just google Mo Willems pigeons books. He wrote "Knuffle Bunny" that you have already listed. That pigeon is so darn funny and I know for a fact that ALL kids think the same! :)