Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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Disclaimer- This week baby and pregnancy related- I did one a little over two months ago, so I decided it was time for an update. And by "it was time" I mean I'm just being self-indulgent. Humor me. 

1. So far things are moving right along. I'm 23 weeks (or a little over five months), but am measuring 10 days ahead (I know my dates are right, so doctor says he's just a big baby, at this point at least), so I'm hoping that he slows down a tad since his due date right now is pretty much perfect work-wise. I try to get in 30-60 minutes of walking, bike riding, or yoga at least five times a day and am just now starting to obviously show. In fact, yesterday was the first time someone flat out asked me if I was pregnant, judging on my protruding belly.

2. Speaking of the growing midsection, it's fascinating how people assume that once you're pregnant, and they know, it's absolutely fine to start commenting, to your face, on your size (so many commas...).

3. Confession: I'm not really enjoying being pregnant. I'm excited about the outcome and have gotten used to the movement (in fact it's quite reassuring now), but I'm not one of those women that gushes about how magical it is. To me, it's a means to an end. I really, really hate putting on weight and buying stupid maternity clothes, I'm having a hard time scaling back the workouts I do, I miss having a few drinks on the weekend, and the need to pee between almost every single class period during the day has gotten old. Granted these are all mild, typical complaints- I don't have any health problems or anything crazy. I guess I should just be thankful that I'm not an elephant. 


4. Apparently others think that it suits me, because a few students have told me that I've gotten nicer since I'm pregnant. What the fuck? Unacceptable. I told them to watch out, that this was the calm before the storm and about 10 pounds from now I was going to turn into a beast. In reality, the niceness is coming from the fact that I'm sympathetic to being an IB senior- they're stressed about the IB requirements, applying to college, financial aid, etc... I'm already plotting how I'll change this around next week.

5. I've decided to not take any birthing or baby classes. So many of my friends have told me that all the practice and info goes out the window, so I'm going to save myself the time, money, and irritation. And honestly, my husband and I are way to condescending and roll our eyes way to often to sit through the Bradley Method or Lamaze or Hypnobirthing. 

6. I'm so thankful I'm not having twins. I just can't imagine.

7. I don't plan on having a shower, so I've been debating about a registry. I think I've decided to go for it, but more for the completion discount they give you after your shower date. Unfortunately, this means that I'm going to have to go to Babies R Us... for the first time in my life. I have a feeling that it's going to end up fitting into the horrible category that Michael's, Costco, and Home Depot fall into.

8. I really haven't warmed up to the idea of buying much yet. I pick up a few things here or there on clearance when I take my weekly trip to Target, but we haven't purchased anything major. I know what I want, or at least am pretty sure, I'm just stalling/being cheap. We do know the theme of the nursery and I am accepting that we're very picky about the decor. It's easier to just wait and not make any decisions right now.

9. I'm very thankful that I haven't received a lot of unsolicited advice yet. My close friends know me well and only seem to go there when I bring it up or outright ask. People do like to give me the "just you wait" comments in regards to me free time, sleep, and wallet. I understand that they're basically just hazing me for the fun club of parenthood, but I'm pretty realistic. I know that things will change and that I won't have as much time to myself, shut eye time, or spare change. I also know that my husband and I respect each others' hobbies and interests and will work together to make sure that neither of us feel like a complete slave to the kid. Plus the dogs can help out (ala Peter Pan).

10. I know people still don't think I'm appropriately excited- crap, after reading numbers 1-9 I'm sure that's probably the consensus here too. The truth is is that I'm very excited, I'm just very practical and know that a lot has to be done in the next four months both at work (especially at work) and home before we're good to go. Plus, I don't gush and coo and squeal- it's not my style.

Except at puppies. But let's face it, they're cuter than 99% of newborns anyway.


  1. I didn't think pregnancy was all that magical and like to believe people make that stuff up. I don't know many women who would describe it as magical in that last month.

    Regarding registering, if you know what you want, I think register for stuff online (I know you can at Target). That's what I did because I hate going around with that stupid gun.

  2. Thanks for being honest about your pregnancy. I have been very vocal about my trepidation regarding having children, and it's nice to read a non-gushy mother's perspective. Give those students hell!

  3. My bestfriend and his girlfriend are expecting a child in 6 weeks. She says the same as you. It is not so magical being pregnant as everyone say it is. Lol. I have no idea since I have never been pregnant. But I listen to you who are or have been, so I guess it's like you guys say it is :)

  4. Okay, so since you mentioned it in #9, I thought I might give you a few tips ;-)

    #2 During pregnancy and being out and about with a newborn baby, you may as well have a sign on your head saying 'Hit me with crap'. People tell you all sorts of stuff. While they're making comments (and giving you tips) just use the time to practice your pelvic floor exercises. Your pelvic floor will recover in no time!

    #3 I hated being pregnant (yes, even though I did it four times). It was difficult, uncomfortable and I had a list aches, pains and ailments a mile long. The result is worth it (although you don't forget the hurty bits as soon as the baby is born like people say you do....)

    #5 Hmmmm... Forewarned is forearmed?? The system might be different in the US compared to Australia. Here you have a series of classes at the hospital you are planning on having your baby at. They run through basics like breathing during labour and breastfeeding (both things that don't come as 'naturally' as you might expect). There was also lots of time for important questions like "What happens if I shit halfway through getting this baby out?"

    We never had a birth-plan (because that really does go out the window when the time comes) but I did learn a lot in the classes and when labour started, I had fewer questions about various things that were happening because it had been covered when I was feeling (relatively) focused.

    #6 was always my worst nightmare. Although my first baby was nearly 11 pounds so probably no different...

    #7 Can't give you any tips on showers. I think they are becoming more popular in Australia but I never had one (and I've only ever attended one - for an American friend).

    #8 Don't buy much until you actually NEED it. If you have the basics - a cot, a pram and a change-table you'll be fine. Nice to have but not essential - a baby carrier and when they're a little bit older, a baby bouncer is useful. (Some people will say that a changetable isn't 'essential', that you can just plonk them on a chest of drawers or change nappies on the bed.... Yeah, that's good until the first projectile poo... and also, if you end up having a c-section, you really, really need a change table at the right height).

    Nursery themes... Don't know about them. Never had one. First baby slept in a cot in the corner of our one-bedroom apartment and managed without a theme so we continued the tradition when the others came along.

    #9 Well I have really buggered that up now.

    Fact is, when the time comes you'll give all the money in the world and trade all your 'spare' time for sleep. SLEEP AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

  5. For both of my pregnancies I was sick as a dog until 20+ weeks, so no, it was not a magical time for me, either. I do know people who really, genuinely do love it, though, so...I guess it's possible? I also hated breastfeeding, too, so maybe there's something wrong with me.

    I did find our birthing class to be ridiculous and completely irrelevant to the actual labor scenario we ended up in. The only benefit was that we got a tour of labor and delivery at the end, so I knew what was what when I finally went in. Might be worth setting that up, if you're able.

    And I second the person who said register online! People WILL want to buy you stuff, even if you ask them not to, and it might as well be stuff you actually want, right?

    1. In thinking about this more, an Amazon wishlist might be just as good. That way other people don't have to venture into the hell that is Babies R Us either. :) Add a few big ticket items to a BRU registry online for the fulfillment discount, though.

  6. I fucking (I debated about typing f-ing, but figured I rather go with honest) hated being pregnant. With my first I had Hyperemesis gravidarum for 38 weeks (they induced me out of pity), with my second...well, it was fine, but I had an 8 pound human living in my midesection, I was uncomfortable. I was lucky and I was extremely, extremely tiny for both. People were really rude about it. I had someone tell me I was starving my baby.

    And DO NOT go to Babies R Us if you can help it. I did that for the first and it's the baby equivalent of Wal-Mart. With the second I created a wishlist on Amazon. It was wonderful and mostly stress free.

    I don't gush, coo, or squeal. Ever. And I wasn't excited until the baby came out. After that, it's been great. I took a "all types" birthing class where the woman still promoted a natural birth. I wanted to kick her in the face. For what it's worth, I had one of each (natural v. epidural). They both hurt.

    My youngest has a sort of vintage modern literary themed nursery.

  7. I think the linky worked, but just in case -

    I can't really imagine enjoying pregnancy, but I guess only time will tell.

  8. lol about #4 and your students xP

    I guess it really does depend on the person about #3. Glad to hear that things are well and moving along nicely on your end and that you're healthy and all :)