Window Shopping

So yesterday I talked about money, and how I'm a definite saver fueled by fear. I'm pretty tight with the purse strings and I prefer to save or pay off loans than to spend. I put off purchases so long that I forget I wanted to make them. What can I say? But sometimes I do get the urge to spend- especially when I have a tiny bit left over from my half of the tax return! Luckily, some heavy window shopping tends to do the trick and tide me over (minus the allotment I spent on books, but that's another post). Some things I've been coveting and probably won't buy:

[$37 Silver Tree Earrings from The Zen Muse Shop on Etsy]
I have a things for trees- in nature, home decor, accessories, etc... In fact, this may also deserve it's own post as well, one of these days.

[$150 Textured Turquoise Blazer from Banana Republic]
The older I get the more likely I am to spend more on one piece of higher-quality than less on several lower-quality pieces (as long as they're classics and have longevity... and not maternity clothes- I go cheaper there). I love the color and fit of this blazer and appreciate that I could actually wear it right now.

[$54.95, Arlo Turquoise Pillow from Crate and Barrel]
These would look perfect on my couch- the knitting looks so comfy! I'd probably never pay that much, though, since we would actually use them. But still. So pretty. 

[$14.95 each, Myko Dinner Plates from Sur la Table]
I really don't need to dinnerware, but these definitely match the feel of my dining room. We're having a few couples over for dinner next month, which is something I wish I did more of, and I'd love to have a set of dishes strictly for "entertaining." 

[$129, Fitbit Force from Fitbit]
I wore my husband's Fitbit Flex for a few days recently and was hooked on the stats- steps, sleep, and active moments. The Force also gives you information regarding incline and serves as a watch. I'm not thrilled about the sporty look, especially when I'm dressing in slacks and whatnot for work, but all of those numbers are just so motivating.

[$32.89 from Amazon]
The baby's nursery has a Where the Wild Things Are Theme and this collection of Maurice Sendak work would be perfect placed up on a shelf... out of his reach.

What's on your wish list this month?

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  1. I'm with you on getting quality pieces in my closet. I'm still having trouble spending on one though. Right now, I've been eyeing makeup and anything beauty related. I always end up putting it all back because I don't NEED any of it.