Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I made a really, really tough decision- I'm done going to yoga for the rest of my pregnancy. For the first hour of the ninety minute class I'm fine- I have to modify, but I expected that. The last thirty minutes were basically a waste of my time, though, since it was mostly dedicated to inversions, abs, and sometimes back bends. Classes are $12, meaning I was essentially lose out on $4 and thirty minutes of my day (this was the kicker, since I'm feeling so behind lately). It's not a lot, but over the course of a month it adds up. I bought a stupid prenatal video that is still sitting in it's plastic upstairs, and am doing a lot of hill walking and some cycling, so I'm still quite active. It's just a bit of a loss, because I really love going.

2. I'm slightly obsessed with buying a small portable shop-vac. Our dust buster is dying and it's really hard for me to haul the vacuum up the stairs step by step to clean them. With a little guy I could clean the stairs (it's only 8 pounds), my car, the tops of the fans... the possibilities are endless.

3. I finally updated my iPhone after to the new IOS (well, new several months ago) after the email security issue. It was traumatic. And the neon colors make me feel like I'm a fourteen year old Japanese kid that loves anime or something.

4. Best senior will for yearbook ever: "I, [student name], will to my younger brother, [student name], my sword, bow, and ax. May they help you on your journey to destroy the ring. I have left behind my final horcrux, but you will never find it, so I will be immortal. May the force be with you, and may the odds be ever in your favor."  So much awesomeness in one place. I have her as a student and she's the neatest kid.

5. If you're a blogger who tries to be conscientious about copyrights on pictures, check out

6. We settled on a day care, after looking at several. There is so much to consider, but ultimately this one met some of the more important requirements on our list, so I dropped off the paperwork last week. I feel like it's going to be a good fit! It's definitely a relief to have the mission accomplished.

7. I'm legitimately concerned about California's drought, which I almost take personally, being from the Central Valley (aka the heart and soul of California's agricultural economy). Sure, the ski resorts are turning to fake snow and our grass is going to cost more to keep green, but those really feeling the burn are the farmers and migrant workers. It's going to be a really rough year- those big grey clouds rolling in right now better have some rain for us and some snow for the mountains.

[What Folsom Lake has been reduced to; source]

8. I really hate stand up comedy. I'm listening to BJ Novak on The Nerdist pdocast right now and they're going on and on about the stand up days. So no, I don't want to go to the Improv with you (unless by some miracle Tina Fey is there).

9. This is going to change my life:

10. I'm not incredibly thrilled about my upcoming trip to Houston, but I am excited that I should actually have some time to read something besides student papers (I'm not bringing any, at all). I feel like I've been reading Oryx and Crake for forever.


  1. The new IOS is quite a traumatic change, I agree. But it's amazing how quickly you get used to it. Or that might be me, since I'm looking at my phone every 5 seconds lol

    Thank you for the link to freepik, I try to use pictures I have a licence for or are offered as free by their creators, so this is neat!

  2. That student will is all kinds of awesome :) And every book I read lately seems to feel like it takes me forever, so I know the feeling! Hope you get a chance to catch-up.

  3. So many Amens for me in this post. Sorry about yoga. Don't even try going to the prenatal one. You would hate it. Funny thing about the shop-vac, Sergio got 2 for Christmas. He loves them both. I am also very concerned about the water situation. I've always been the nag who tells my family to stop running the damn water when they're not using it! That picture of the lake scares me. I always feel grateful that we have water and we don't have to ration it like other countries. And Yay for deciding on a babysitter. Hope that works out.

  4. That will is geeky to the extreme! Love it! :)

  5. I can feel your frustration as you had to give up your yoga class ‘cause of your pregnancy. However, just like other pregnancy dilemmas, this isn't permanent. You can still go back to your yoga sessions after delivery, right? Moreover, you should talk with your OBGYN regarding the exercises that you can do for the mean time. Congratulations! :)

    Adam Heller

  6. When Borders was going out of business, one of the things I grabbed during their liquidation sale was a "pilates during pregnancy" DVD. I don't even do pilates now, and wasn't planning on getting pregnant any time soon, yet for some reason felt like I should really have this video.

  7. That Will. So much nerdery, I love it.

    The drought is really troubling. I hope you guys get an appreciable amount of rain! Here in buffalo it won't stop snowing : / ack.