Shocker: I Watched Movies

I've made it no secret that I'm not a huge fan of movie watching. They're long, I don't feel productive while sitting in one spot for 90-180 minutes, and I frequently (although less so now) need to use the facilities. Or get some water. Or switch over laundry. Or check something on my computer. Or- you get the picture. But some miracle happened this past holiday weekend and I watched FOUR movies. Yes, four. I'm not a movie reviewer by any means, but I thought I'd share my thoughts since I can't think of anything else to blog about right now since my husband, the movie buff, won't write posts for me. And now to impress you with my non-existent movie reviewing skills. 

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Netflix added it this month and my very excited husband put it on Friday morning. Interested to see if it was what I remembered from my youth I decided to watch the first few minutes, which turned into the whole thing (while playing with and feeding the kid, anyway). It's so eighties and campy and fun. If you haven't seen it, it's about this guy who shrinks his kids. And calls his wife "honey." The four kids must battle the backyard lawn and everything that comes with it, including insects, sprinklers, and birds. And then they must unshrink them. It was great. 

My husband had some gift cards so he bought this and the next movie, both from last year. I really liked Her, directed by Spike Jonze (please tell me I'm not the only person that gets him confused with Spike Lee) and starring Joaquin Phoenix and his awesome 'stache. Oh, and Amy Adams and Scarlett Johnasson are also in it. Phoenix's character is feeling pretty depressed after his divorce and ends up becoming incredible attached to his IOS's persona (spoiler alert: they have human/computer phone sex), all the while becoming better friends with Adams' character. It's a tad depressing, but also sweet and optimistic. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel
I actually really wanted to see this movie, directed by my favorite director Wes Anderson (by the way, this is the only real director I have an opinion about- I've seen all his movie except one). Starring Ralph Fiennes, this movie is about his concierge character and the lobby boy, Zero's, adventure. Fiennes is quite the womanizer and finds himself in jail after one of his little affairs have gone wrong, leading to his need to escape both the slammer and the woman's son. Quirky, hilarious, and just awesome to look at. Oh, and there are these little pastries that pop up several times during it and one of the extras on the Blu-Ray is the recipe and directions. How cool is that?

What About Bob?
This is another old movie that my husband put on and I said I'd watch just a few minutes of (I'd never seen it). This turned into the whole thing, thanks to Sawyer's incredibly long nap... on me. Oops. Anyway, Bob, played by Bill Murray is a hypochondriac in desperate need of some therapy. After meeting with a psychologist for the first time he learns the doctor is headed out on vacation, which Bob track hims down on. He befriends his family, angers the doctor, and eventually teaches everyone lessons about themselves and their familial relationship. And he wears his goldfish on a jar around his neck, which is awesome. 

Based on the fact that I like these four movies, what should I add to my queue?


  1. I saw the trailer for THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL tonight while flipping through our local "Box Office" TV. I loved it - I am going to rent it this coming weekend :) Looks great!

  2. I've heard such wonderful things about Her.