Top Ten Tuesday- I Read During Commercials

Long time no TTT! This week they're asking us for other types of stories- TV shows! I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but here are those that come to mind:

Warning: my TV taste is quite different from my reading taste. I take my literary endeavors much more seriously.

1. ER- I didn't watch the last few seasons, because the show ran it's course, but still, best medical drama ever. 

2. The Gilmore Girls- Can I live in Stars Hollows? Or at least go stay at the Dragonfly Inn for a weekend?

3. Sex and the City- Confession: whenever I need to create a BS account my fake email is carriebradshaw at aol dot com.

4. The Wonder Years- Winnie + Kevin = love 4ever

5. Pushing Daisies- The Pie Hole and Digby are the bestest.

6. Friends- There are so many reasons to pick on this show, but I don't care. 

7. Breaking Bad- I assume that every chemistry teacher knows how to make meth, now. 
8. Downton Abbey- I was so resistant at first, but I love this show, despite the whole period piece nonsense.

9. Gossip Girl- Guilty pleasure! Don't hate.

10. Friday Night Lights- While I could watch Tim Riggins stare at the ceiling, the show is so damn great. Augh. And Coach ain't so bad to look at either, for an old guy. And Connie Britton's hair! And Landry (who shouldn't have played a bad guy in Breaking Bad).


  1. I just got hooked on breaking bad. It's one of those shows I cant watch in quick succession - It's so emotionally draining. So I think it will keep for a while.

  2. I liked Pushing Daisies and was gutted they didn't continue it. Love the rendition of 'Birdhouse in your Soul' in it too!

  3. I think we have 5 shows in common in our lists - Gilmore Girls, Pushing Daisies, Friends, Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights. Wonderful shows all, obviously, but I especially loved your little blurb for Friday Night Lights because I would totally watch Tim Riggins staring at the ceiling too. And Coach Taylor is a TOTAL hottie :)

  4. I can't help thinking I should try ER. Everyone always speaks about it and I've never watched it... mmmh...
    Also, I laughed at "I read during commercials" - I do too!

  5. I forgot to mention Friday Night Lights in mine - I loved that show! FRIENDS is my favorite and I don't care if people think I'm nuts. Makes me laugh every time, no matter how many times I've seen it!

    My TTT

  6. Completely agree on "Gilmore Girls"! And I loved "Friends" for many years...I still watch the reruns on Nick at Nite sometimes. Also yes to "Downton" and "Friday Night Lights" (Riggins!!!). And I literally just bought "Pushing Daisies" on DVD -- it's supposed to arrive today! So yeah, great list! :)

  7. I LOVE Friends. :D Sex and the City is a lot of fun too - I really need to get them all on DVD, actually!

    Great list!

  8. Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey made my list too, and I've watched and loved many of the others on your list! Heh, I can't imagine that ALL chemistry teachers are meth dealers, only the super talented ones, haha

  9. Ah I think I used to watch the Gilmore Girls! But then I just stopped. And yay for Friends! Breaking Bad was too intense for me, but the show is definitely really, really good!

  10. Gilmore Girls is my favorite. ("Shane concerns me, too, and all women for that matter.") Did you know Lauren Graham wrote a book? Yeah, for real.

  11. ER was definitely epic! I mean, the cast list alone was a Who's Who of Hollywood. And Friends, of course! Sex and the City was so hit or miss with me- sometimes I love it, sometimes it infuriates me (though I must say, it always comes back around!). Great list!

  12. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites! I have the entire season box set, which I kind of want to watch again even though I watched it all the way through not that long ago...

  13. FNL is at the top of my "most binge watch this series soon" list. Re: Downton Abbey - the period piece aspect is the ONLY thing that keeps me watching. Some of the plot lines are so ridiculous that if it was set in the present time, I couldn't tolerate it.