We are What We Google

I don't know how many times I've silently thanked whomever that my Google searches are relatively private, minus the government, the people at Google, and whatever internet fairies put the banner ads on the sides of websites. Good God, if people only knew some of the stuff I look up they'd be disgusted, horrified, and probably really amused. And that would just be on one day (although not everyday).

What one Googles is quite reflective of their life- where they're at at that moment. For example, the girl that Googles "morning after pill" obviously had a lapse in responsibility the night before (and hopefully doesn't work for Hobby Lobby). The student who desperately searches for essay help the night before a paper is due shows some issues with procrastination. The wife or mother who frantically tries to find "quick recipes with chicken" is probably feeling rushed and over-extended. The man who frantically types in his current medical symptoms is obviously not feeling well, and may possibly be a hypochondriac. We can learn about a person's interests, desires, questions, and fears. We are what we Google, I guess. 

I frequently try to recall a time where we didn't have such a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and had to actually work at acquiring the answers to our questions. As a young girl I had to find things in the encyclopedia, ask my parents, or search the library when I had a question. Sometimes I simply didn't land on an answer, either. I don't know when the last time I had a question that I couldn't find answers to on the internet. I'm thankful for the plethora of information, but I can't help to feel guilty for the un-worked for abundance. I wonder if this ridiculous level of access makes us cocky or whether it makes us smarter. Or both.  

So what have I Googled lately? What does it mean?

How much Tylenol to give two month old before shots? Sawyer got his vaccines on Wednesday, so I was trying to be proactive. I couldn't figure it out because of the new concentration and whatnot so I didn't do it. Big mistake...

Sub 2:15 half marathon plans- I'm delusional (but motivated?).

Chateau Lake Louise- Banff Canada-I showed my husband and told him that it would take twenty-four hours to drive there. He surprised me with actually being interested. Some day!

Extra bone in foot pain- Along with running comes the pain in my right ankle. There's really no fix, except surgery.

Muppet yourself- A student and I were talking about what we'd look like as Muppets. We thought there'd be an app- there's not.

What would I look like as the opposite sex- This came from the above conversation... But seriously. What would the masculine version of someone with the exact same DNA look like?

Exersaucer vs jumpers- There's a big debate. I'm trying to give a shit.

The LEGO Movie Sea Cow set- Depending on how much we are able to spend on each other this year, I really want to get this for my husband (who supposedly doesn't read this).

Better to water grass in morning or at night?- In the morning, since apparently certain fungi can grow at night. 

Fourth of July Pie Recipes- I'm trying to be a tiny bit festive.

Orange is the New Black Cast- I was talking about it with a friend and couldn't remember how to spell Poussey (who is gorgeous, don't you think?).

Allergic to white gold after pregnancy- My finger under my wedding rings has developed this horrible dermatitis since having the baby. I'm not wearing them right now and hoping once it clears up I can start wearing them again and just being super careful about drying my hands better. I know dipping them in platinum is an option, but it's not in the budget and I really don't want to.

Bedrock City, Arizona- My husband told me about this super sad Flinstones amusement park that I had to check out (only $5 to get in!). If I was in the area I would most definitely stop by.

Does Gatorade help lactation?- Um, yeah. And no, probably not, in case you were wondering.

Name of guy buying my spin bike from Craig's List- Just in case he was an escaped convict or something. He was actually a very nice fire fighter. 

I'm weird and maybe a little boring. 

So what have you searched recently? What does it say about you? Are we becoming lazy or smarter?


  1. I couldn't wear my rings for the same reason (minus the after pregnancy part) for a few months back when I worked at a medical facility. I'm pretty sure it was the combination of my sensitive skin + the harsh anti-bacterial soap + having to wash my hands a million times a day. It was so annoying that it would start getting better, but then kept coming back every time I tried to put the rings back on. I finally gave up and didn't wear them at all until it was completely healed and my skin on that finger was back to normal for several weeks and that was the only thing that helped.

  2. I like to Google things that come up in conversations too... I will be in Arizona next week and I love amusements parks, so I might just stop by and visit the Flintstones.

  3. You should totally make a muppet yourself app! (or pitch it whoever owns the copyright to the muppets.) I feel like there's got to be a way to make money off of that idea.

    The last thing I searched was "portrait of an artist (pool with two figures)." It's because I follow Andy Cohen on Instagram and he posted something about it.

  4. The discussion about Google and privacy has been a big topic in the news lately and it makes me nervous because I write a lot of school papers on national security, security clearance flaws, and other things that would look bad on paper. Luckily, I have the papers to prove what I’m using the information for!

  5. You NEED to go to Banff! Such a pretty little town!