Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I'm burnt out on taking my lunches and it's only the fourth week back. I remember being in elementary school and tossing most of what my mom sent because I after years and years of PB&J I had had it. Send help! Or suggestions (that don't require a microwave). 

[mom, make me some bento boxes, please! source]

2. Tomorrow Sawyer has to go in for his four month check up (he's getting so old... what's next, his driver's license test?), which means his next round of vaccinations. Last round was beyond horrible. He understandably cried when he got them, but about two hours after we got home he was hysterical. The poor kid cried harder and louder than he ever had. The doctor had given us the wrong dosage for the newest concentration of Tylenol, so we had to wait for the on-call doctor to respond before we could get any in him. By the time he was able to get to some rest he was sobbing in his sleep. Tomorrow he's getting the drugs as soon as we get home.

3. I'm currently listening to A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, about his trip along the Appalachian Trail. I'm only about forty-five minutes in, but so far it's pretty good. It's making me want to hike.

4. David Mitchell's newest book, The Bone Clocks, came out today and he's doing a reading at UCLA in a few weeks. Am I going? No, no I'm not. I'd blame the  baby, but the truth is that I have to take tickets for a stupid basketball game at work as part of my extra-duty responsibilities. Of course, on the day someone good finally comes to town.

5. I desperately want to try making one of these Strawberry Moscow Mules, but I'm still not drinking, due to breastfeeding [insert appropriate rant/diatribe/sob story here].

6.  My friend just texted me, asking if I wanted to tag along to a yoga class tomorrow. I had to postpone the invite, but the idea of going to a class both excites and terrifies me. I've been trying to get myself to do more planks and maybe embark on a sun salutations challenge, but I'm still in the, shall we say, planning stage....

7. Want.


8. I need to figure out how to make Princess Leia buns out of yarn... for a dog. Preferably by October 31. 


  1. Yay for yummy lunches! I remember when I was at the HS with you and you said you barely ate lunch. The lunch you pictured looks pretty damn good but I don't make time to prep shit. Currently, I take leftovers from dinner and make it into a salad or just put extra veggies with it. If there are no leftovers I go for boring sandwiches.

    Crossing my fingers that Sawyer (and mommy) do well with his shots!

  2. OMG that cabinet is amazing!!!

  3. I hate packing a lunch. Plus I'm that last minute person in the morning frantically getting myself and my daughter ready and out the door.

    Watching our babies get shots is the worst. I used to give my daughter a dose of Tylenol right before her appointment to try to prevent any misery for her after it was over. Hope it goes well for you both!

  4. Ugh, I'm right there with you on the lunch thing...I bring the same thing over and over again and it's already wearing thin...we've only been in school 1 month and I'm tired of it.

  5. I remember those lunch-packing days...and the cute lunch boxes that are now vintage...LOL.

    Love that cabinet!

  6. Love the idea of a dog princess leia for halloween!! Here's a link to a how to but for a dog maybe you should use a stretchy headband instead

  7. Hard to give lunch ideas when you don't really know a person's tastes, but I'll throw one of my favorites out there anyway -- hummus. It doesn't require reheating, it isn't a sandwich (which I get bored of really quickly), is easy to make as most recipes only require throwing a bunch of ingredients in a food processor, a batch will last you several days, and it's fairly filling due to the protein. I've probably made about a dozen different flavors at this point and I like that it can be paired with whole grain crackers, pitas, and/or veggies -- throw in some fruit on the side and I call it a meal. So take it for what it's worth! A few favorite recipes: Spinach & feta hummus (on the richer side & so yummy! -- careful with the spice if you don't like a lot of heat), Lemony artichoke hummus, Spicy pumpkin hummus (sounds bizarre I know, but it was really good), & Cilantro lime white bean hummus. Good luck with the rest of the year -- hard to believe it's 4 weeks in already -- the schedule is a bit different here on the East Coast!

  8. I want a lunch that looks like that too! And I love that you dress up your dog for Halloween. If we took our dog out and about with us, she would just bark at everyone!

  9. I really quite like Bill Bryson, and A Walk in the Woods was one of my favorite books by him. He's one of the few authors that can get me laughing out loud, and every time he wrote about bears I couldn't hide my snickers.