Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts)

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1. It's crazy how moods are so contagious. For good and bad.

[orrrrr just the opposite | source]

2. Sawyer is finally growing some hair, I think. He was born with some downy fuzz, but in the last few weeks it appears to have grown a millimeter or two. Maybe by his first birthday it'll be style-able. 

3. I made this strange sounding one-pot dish the other night, despite the fact that I hate sausage. It was pretty darn good.

4. I pass by a house that has a pretty legit-looking teepee in the front yard every day and am very intrigued by what exactly it's used for. Are they Native American? Is it for their kids or grandkids? Do they sell drugs in it? Can I go in it?

5. One of the stupidest things you can do as a high school teacher is leave your room during passing period. So many teenagers talking loudly, making out, and spitting. And they're always walking in the opposite direction. Always. 

6. Despite my theories that the health living blogging community (HLBers) is fizzling out, I do read a few still. It seems like most of them are really starting to phone it in lately with their posts, and yet they still are sponsored, still claim blogging is their full time job, and still show up in my reader once or twice a day each. I just don't get it.

7. This quote is totally my life philosophy:


8. It's fire season in Southern California and there is a big one in Yosemite and one in Bass Lake (and even a small one near my house last weekend). It's so sad to see nature on fire, and then charred, but it's important to remember that it's quite necessary for regrowth and vegetation control. It's not cool when it's started by a humans, though, or when firefighters are injured. And the fact that we're using a ton of water, during a terrible drought, is unfortunate (and that's not the only way to fight fire). But, anyway, my point is that people need to remember that while inconvenient and sad, fire is natural and important.

[the view from down the street; we were never in danger!]

9. I really love that the lady who runs Sawyer's daycare has three boys, ranged from middle school to early college. They all live at home and interact with the kids all the time- it's so nice to see good kids being good role models.

10. I have a couple of review copies that are a bit overdue for reviews right now. I feel guilty. I know I'm not the only one that gets behind, but I still feel douchey.


  1. 9. My boys (ages 12, 10 1nd 9) LOVE being with older boys. We have two male babysitters and the kids reckon the babysitters are the bees knees.
    10. I'm so overdue with review copies it's gone beyond ridiculous.

  2. #6. They just keep on chugging don't they? The $ponsored posts are really annoying though. I skip enough advertisements on a daily basis I don't need it from them too.

    #4. Those are legitimate questions and I too would like a teepee in my yard.

  3. I feel douchey too, for not having had time during past 1-2 weeks to review much or read other's blogs... trying to fix some of that today ;-)

  4. My two oldest babies had very little hair, and then my third son had quite a head of it, which soon came in curly. I was so excited!

    But eventually, the others got their hair, too.

  5. Oh I hate getting behind in reviews, but sometimes it just can't be helped! You'll catch up, don't worry!

  6. i'm waaay behind on reviews too! I hate it.