For birthdays and Christmas I ask for books. They don't care if my hips are still wide from having a baby (despite losing the weight) like a pair of pants do. They don't require some lovely family member to wander the congested aisles of a chaotic department store. They won't go out of style or rip or need to be returned. They make me happy. So, I ask for books. Lucky for me, some people also like to give me gift cards for Amazon (judge me. I dare you). So, between my birthday in November and Christmas, I made out quite nicely. 

What does this stack say about me? I like to cook. I enjoy reading about the human biology. I have feminist roots. I'm willing to try new authors. I like to return to old favorites. Contemporary literary fiction is my jam. I'm a sucker for end-of-the-year best-of lists. 

The only problem with all of this, is:
a) I need to reorganize my shelves like a mo-fo
b) my TBR pile now tops out at 69, the highest it has ever been

Get anything new this holiday season? 


  1. That's a very nice Christmas and birthday pile! I wish my TBR topped out at's really gotten out of hand -- something for me to work on in 2015, I think. I actually only got 1 book for Christmas because everyone knows I have way too many books already. Though I also got an Amazon gift card which is always fun :)

  2. That's an awesome problem to have there ;) I love getting books for any occasion, even if there's none haha so I understand how you feel. But those are pretty great books!!

  3. Nice haul! Books and gift cards for books - two of the best presents out there. I only wish everyone I knew understood this.

  4. My hips never shrank back after my kids. They are lucky they are cute because I'll never fit back in my size 26's again. Never (feel free to grimly laugh, I do).

    I love Alice Munro's short stories, they are filled - rather delightfully - with a bleak nothingness.