Hot Commodity

The Little House in the Prairie series and I go way back- all the way to 1989ish. My parents bought me a used set from Yesterday's Bookstore and over the course of a few years I read the entire series. I'd occasionally catch a few episodes of the series, too, when I managed to read the TV Guide right. Fast-forward to last Tuesday week- I saw a friend post a Slate article about Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiography, a more adult version written before her children's series, and almost died of happiness.

Until I realized the article was pointing out the publisher's mistake (or WAS it?) of only running a 15,000 first printing. The first batch was gone instantly and the orders for the next version skyrocketed. I ordered my copy on Amazon and am not expected to get it until mid-to-late March.

The most concerning thing about all of this? How did I not know? This is not new news, to the rest of the world, apparently. 

Book blogger fail.

Little House fan fail.

Life fail.


  1. I didn't know either! Epic fail. I have to read it.

  2. My husband bought this for me for Christmas and I don't expect to get it until March either. I can't wait to read it. They better get their presses moving!

  3. I've also ordered... *waiting...waiting...* Maybe we'll all be able to read it together?